20 Possible Reasons Why You Aren’t In A Relationship

1. Limiting yourself to be loyal to one person isn’t something you want to force, especially when you’d rather have the freedom of doing whatever you want with whomever you want.

2. You refuse to take part in the half-assed, “we’re talking but not like, together” nonsense that commonly takes place these days over actual, clear, labeled, committed relationships.

3. You just got dumped recently and are in the process of rebuilding your existence without theirs.

4. You’re pretty emotionally wobbly and conscious of said instability, so you’d rather not drag someone into your whirlwind of crazy madness. Keeping the storm at bay seems more intelligent than sucking in innocent bystanders.

5. Your life as a man/woman-child is far more enjoyable right now than trying to play house with someone.

6. You stayed single for so long that you just can’t get back out there, in the dating world. You’ve developed a reserved complex and are uncomfortable meeting new people or being the best version of you that early dating often entails.

7. You always want scenarios to be perfect and while that’s a flawed logic, you are aware enough to acknowledge this issue and refrain from being involved with someone until you can accept a blemished relationship.

8. You’re working on loving yourself before trying to invest those types of heavy sentiments towards somebody else.

9. Financial stability or getting established in your career have taken priority over tending to another person.

10. Because you’ve been in a relationship that left a bad taste in your mouth, convincing you that at this particular time being single is absolutely, positively the best option for you.

11. The person you’re in like or love with is involved with someone.

12. It’s impossible to meet people from your couch and perusing around your home, but those are your preferred locations to spend time.

13. You still have feelings for your ex.

14. You aren’t capable of taking hints from those who try to approach you. A compliment? Shoot it down by disagreeing and countering it with a negative comment about yourself. Picking up signals isn’t your forte and even if there were a glimmer of hope, you’d shut that operation down before it had a chance to start.

15. Finding someone who is equally intrigued by you, as you are by them. That whole feeling reciprocation thing is crucial, and it’s also important that the levels of interest are similar.

16. Your self-esteem is so low that it drags along the ground as you walk around slouched and unconfident. Knowing that you feel this way inside, you refrain from even attempting to have a relationship full of insecurities.

17. Because you spend entirely too much time speculating why you’re not involved in a relationship instead of living life and seeing what happens naturally.

18. You consider your spare time valuable and would rather not sell yourself short.

19. You’re too busy, which can actually be a thing despite what many people like to say.
20. Because you don’t want to be. Plain and simple. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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