15 Brutally Honest Answers To Questions We’ve All Definitely Asked About Dating

I struggle to remember a time when dating was a simple and normal thing that took place between two humans who had mutual feelings for each other. I’ve always had a pretty low tolerance for meaningless acts of intimacy, “almost” relationships, ghosting, and the like. I’ve never paid too much attention to the rules of dating today, nor have I understood the point of it all. In my mind, life is way too short to not let people know how you feel. In my mind, if I go on multiple dates with a person, I’m dating them and don’t expect them to be dating anyone else unless they want me to think they’re a dishonest schmuck. In my mind, dating should be relatively simple, regardless of what century it is.
New Girl
New Girl

1. If I’m attracted to someone, should I drop hints until they make a move?

Here’s a slightly better and much less exhausting idea: You make a move. You’re strong, amazing and fierce. Do something about it.

2. I texted first yesterday, so should I wait for the object of my affection to text first today?

If you want to text them, just text them. If they like you, I promise they won’t mind. Ain’t nobody got time to keep score.

3. How and when should I ask for another date?

How? Say you’d like to hang out again. When? Right now. Life is short.

4. I’m still single, even though I’m in my mid to late 20s. Is this normal?


5. Should I say yes to every first date just in case one of the people who asks me is my soulmate?

No. Soulmates aren’t real. Assholes and sociopaths are.

6. Will pretending I’m uninterested make a person even more attracted to me?

No. Who came up with this notion? It makes no sense.

7. How long should I wait before texting back? I certainly don’t want to seem too eager.

Well, if you got the text, you might as well go ahead and reply. But if you’re really that worried about seeming too eager, wait five minutes. And by all means, do something useful within those minutes.

8. How can I tell if the person I’m on a first date with is worth going on a second date with?

Just ask yourself if you like hanging out with them and want to hang out with them again?

9. Should I friend request the object of my affection, or is that creepy?

Requesting one’s friendship should never be considered creepy.

10. Will I seem crazy if I bring up that thing that bothered me two days ago?

No, but you might seem sorely late to the party and like you’re trying to pick a fight. Especially if your SO doesn’t even remember the thing that bothered you. But next time, don’t wait two days to bring up an issue. Just nip it in the bud while it’s fresh.

11. Will I seem clingy if I care too much?

If someone thinks caring makes you clingy, dump their ass and find someone who appreciates your rare and beautiful soul.

12. The person I’m dating just liked another woman’s/man’s photo on Facebook. Should I be concerned?

It takes all of one second to like something on Facebook before a person’s attention span moves on to something else. Some people just like to like things. We assign so much significance to such trivial matters, and it’s a waste of time and energy. Don’t worry about it unless a real issue presents itself.

13. Is the 3-day follow up rule still relevant?

Not even a little bit.

14. Should I try online dating?

It’s up to you, but please proceed with caution and extremely low expectations.

15. Is dating even worth it?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that one. I ask myself the same thing. (But spoiler alert: so does everyone.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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