I Won't Go Back To You Again

A Long List Of Things You Should Stop Giving A Fuck About

The less fucks you give, the happier you’ll be.

Stop giving a fuck about beauty standards: Social media advertises unrealistic beauty standards. Society enforces these standards. Newsflash: these standards are bullshit. Be your own kind of beautiful.

Stop giving a fuck about fitting in: You are kind and smart. Stand out from the crowd. Be unique. Be you. Show off all of your amazing and energetic qualities: personality, style, talents, and sense of humor.

Stop giving a fuck about the past: The past is in the past and there’s no looking back. Keep moving forward. Past events do not define who you are. In fact, they make you stronger.

Stop giving a fuck about having the perfect body: You are perfect the way you are. My whole high school career, I obsessed over my body image. I wanted to look like the girls on the cover of magazines. So, I spent hours at the gym and counted calories like it was my job. However, this unhealthy obsession slowly ate me alive. I believe that it is best to find balance in life. A healthy balance of junk food and exercise. Because let’s be real. Abs aren’t everything. And sometimes a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is the only way to fix a bad day.

Stop giving a fuck about pleasing others: Yup, I use to be a people pleaser. Teachers. Friends. Parents. I just wanted to make everyone happy. I prioritized others before myself. But somewhere along the way, I had forgotten to make myself happy. Live your best life. Prioritize yourself. You deserve as much happiness as everyone else.

Stop giving a fuck about people who do not care about you: Retweet. Ah, as the years go by, people come and go from our lives. But, it is the people who truly stand with us through it all who matter the most.

Stop giving a fuck about wearing makeup and/ or a bra every day: Do I even have to say anymore?

Stop giving a fuck about gossip: Let the haters hate. Let the gossipers talk shit. Don’t let the things they say get to you.

Stop giving a fuck about being single: The world is your oyster. Go on a date. Go on another date. And fuck it, go on another one because third time’s the charm. Being single is a time where you can focus on you, but still have fun. So in other words- it’s fucking awesome.

Stop giving a fuck about other’s approval: You do not need anyone’s approval but your own. Do not let the fear of judgment or failure restrain you from going after what you want. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Reach for the stars. And never stop.

Stop giving a fuck about social media popularity: No amount of followers or likes or retweets define your worth. Post pictures because you want to. Not because you want to gain followers or receive two trillion million likes.

Stop giving a fuck about what people think of you: I saved the best for last. You are an amazing person. Don’t let what others think of you get you down. Odds are, they haven’t met the real you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark