Conversations With Dead People: A Medium’s Session With Prince (Part 2)

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When I last left you, we were in the middle of a somewhat soul-searching session with recently departed musician Prince. As a highly-evolved spirit, he has been “reaching out” to mediums in order to share a message. Amy continues that message now.

Amy: He’s saying that there’s responsibility that has to be taken in that. That is the whole cycle and wheel is that, you know, people want to be lazy, they want to desensitize, they don’t want to be responsible for what’s going on in their lives and their world, they don’t want to be responsible for how to make this planet better. How to clean up the mess that’s been created. So they just put their headphones on and dive into that fantasy world and that’s exactly what… “they” want.

She takes a long pause, looking very thoughtful.

Amy: Life is meant to be… he’s showing me just, purple sparkles. Explosive fireworks. Joy. Just joy! Pure joy. It’s what life can be for all of us. And that is what will heal our world. But there’s no way to get to that inner space of… “ecstatic joy,” is what he’s calling it. “Orgasmic joy.” (laughs) We just get desensitized. We’re numbed, we’re dumbed down, we’re broken. That’s why they want us that way. Because when we’re not that way, we come clear, and we remember “Oh wow, I have the power to create that! Oh wow, I can be happy without prescription drugs! Oh wow, I can create a better life for myself! Oh wow, I don’t have to listen… to what’s being fed to me. I actually innately know it inside myself and I don’t need to be hand-fed how my life is supposed to be and what I’m capable of.” He wants the world to wake up. To magic.

She has a big grin on her face as she explains this to me. I’m just listening, taking it all in.

Amy: But he’s saying it’s the equivalent of if you want to lose weight, but you’re sitting eating a bag of Cheetos. It’s not going to happen unless you make the choice to stop. And so that is what he is saying… stop following. Stop filling your time with the machine. He wants everyone to know and understand that there is just so much… happiness to be had. Like, rainbows and rainbows and pots of gold happiness everywhere that we just walk past every day and we don’t notice because we’re so brainwashed.

Amy pauses, then nods decidedly.

This message has hit me in something of a strange way. 2016 has been a very trying year for me — along with everyone else, it seems — and while I would desperately love to open up to the happiness Prince is describing, I have something in the way.

Me: So there’s happiness everywhere and we need to wake up to it. And this just be my own personal outlook right now… I think it’s really hard, especially still being in body and not being ascended or evolved, especially like he is… to go “Yeah, okay, that’s something I can do.” Not to say that me, and I’m speaking people in general, we want to, obviously. But what are we supposed to do when…

I describe a personal situation about being surrounded by beauty and feeling at peace only to have it ruined minutes later. To me, this is the hurdle. We can appreciate that beauty, but how can we maintain happiness when that beauty is so easily crushed?

I’m getting embarrassingly emotional. I wipe the tears from my face and try to clarify.

Me: I think that’s a lot of what the human experience is. Experiencing that joy, and that peace, and having it all come crashing down because of something stupid. How do we get past that?

Amy doesn’t respond for a long moment. I pull myself together during her pause. What follows is one of the most powerful experiences I’ve shared with Amy during our conversations. I’m going to include it in full.

Amy: Part of the process, and why we are here on this planet in general, is to stop believing the lie and start believing the truth. And remembering the truth. And if you can understand that the truth is: there is nothing that can harm you or hurt you in reality. Because you are a perfect and whole creation connected to the creative source that made this whole entire solar system. Whatever that is. You are a speck of that. That’s divinity. It’s so the human process is about… understanding that that is constant. And when these mortars come in and rock your world, take you down at the knees, you feel like you just got punched in the gut… and all of those waves of emotion start coming over you… Our process as human beings on this planet is to become quicker and quicker in realizing we are a speck of divinity. When you realize that… it may take the first time, three weeks for you to get it. The next time you try, three days you’re depressed and then you get over it. The next time somebody does something to you or something happens, now it takes three hours to realize you’re that speck of divinity. And you keep choosing it and you keep choosing it and you keep choosing it. Eventually, the next thing that comes to rock you… it’ll be seconds that you’ll be a human. You’ll be in your emotional body, you’ll hurt for that instant, you’ll realize it, but you’ll go straight back to: “I am a perfect speck of divinity. I am what I see out here. In perfection, nature, the solar system, our planets revolving and aligning. The sun, the moon, the stars!” You are… you are THAT.

Amy continues, intense and bright-eyed.

Amy: That’s the process. And what he’s trying to say is what will get you there quicker, sooner, is to be able to be that open channel just like he was when he was in body. To connect with divinity in whatever way, shape or form that allows you to remember that you are THAT. For him, music. For him, sexuality. For him, passion. Devotion. That was his way. And so what’s your way? What’s your way of knowing that divinity has just moved through you? And if you will allow yourself to do that more, and allow yourself to do the other less — which is to hurt, be in fear, be upset, be focused on fear-based this — if you’ll allow yourself to be connected to whatever it is to feel that you are part of divinity. When I say divinity, I mean… the miracle of being alive. The miracle of the solar system and beyond. That’s divinity. It doesn’t have to be a religious figure. When you start choosing every day of your life to allow that more… that’s your go to, that’s your key. To when stuff like that happens. You remember… that is not truth. The truth is, I am that speck of divinity. And nothing in truth can hurt me or harm me. Even if somebody takes your body. He’s saying, look at him. Someone literally took his body. Took his life. Did they? No. He’s making the rounds! Remember? He’s having the most beautiful experiences. Nobody can hurt you or harm you. But to believe that they can is you releasing your own truth. To now join in the lie with them.

As she’s telling me this, I’m realizing what my way is. It’s not music, as much as I love to sing (badly.) It’s not writing, even though it’s my own personal passion. My way is kindness.

That may sound like a humble-brag but I feel like it’s true. Without getting too personal, I love making connections with people. Whether it’s an Uber driver, a stranger at a bar, a reader online. Any of the people who read these conversations. I love spreading kindness, making connections, bringing some light into an all-too-often dark world. That’s my way. That’s how I know I have a place on this planet and it’s an important one. That I’m “a speck of divinity.”

Amy is still going strong.

Amy: If you can live your life in a place that you know nothing can take your happiness away… but things will happen that present you with the option of either losing your happiness or maintaining that happiness, if you can have that paradigm shift and understand happiness is… an energy. It is part of who we are, and the elements that come at us give us a choice of whether we want to stop the flow of that or we want to choose it. That doesn’t mean people are capable of taking away our happiness, their actions and betrayals and the things that they do. WE choose.

She points to her heart.

Amy: So that’s what he wants, too. For us to know happiness is not fleeting. Happiness is a constant. Happiness is constantly playing, whether you have it on a 10-level volume or a 1-level volume… it’s always playing. YOU get to choose. How high is it gonna be today? And then when someone comes along, screaming, yelling, making you feel like crap — you can put it on mute. And then you can tell the story that happiness left and all you have is pain. But it’s not true. Happiness is still playing, you just muted it.

Amy pauses, then nods.

Amy: That’s…

Me: I think that’s it.

Amy: Yep. That’s it. Yep. (pauses, laughs) He wants you to get a unicorn.

Me: Get a unicorn? (laughs)

Amy: A stuffed one. Or a picture of one. Something of that nature. And have it in your office. Or wherever you’ll see it most. And every time you look at it, think of him. … and make sure it has purple on it.

Me: Okay. I will.

And just like that, he’s gone.

Every spirit we converse with has their own message. They all seem to hit me in a different spot at the exact time I needed it the most. Prince was no different. Given the state of the world right now, I’m thinking his message will resonate with you too. Happiness can feel so fleeting. It can be hard to remember our divinity when we’re bogged down by bills, emotions, Donald Trump.

But we have to remember it. We have to wake up, realize that each and every one of us contains something so precious. We all can be doing more to make the world a better place, whether it’s in a big way or a way you feel is too small to matter. Nothing is too small to matter.

I’m going to do my best to remember those very wise words: happiness is still playing. You just muted it.

And this weekend, I’m going to find a unicorn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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