Conversations With Dead People: A Medium’s Session With Prince (Part 1)

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise.

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Our next session begins with someone who hasn’t been out of body for very long but who came to Amy very soon after his passing. A few months ago she texted me and said that Prince, the recently departed musician, had visited her — was “making the rounds,” so to speak — and that we needed to do a conversation with him when the time felt right.

Last week, that time arrived. After an early morning encounter where Amy walked into a cafe only to hear Prince song after Prince song playing over the sound system, we booted up Skype and got to business.

Me: Okay, so at your request, I know you’ve been excited about this one for a while now so let’s, um, jump right to it.

Amy: I’m a bit nervous.

Me: Yeah?

Amy:</strong. (sighs) Yeah. (laughs)

Me: How come? Just because of… the star power factor or — what you think is gonna come through?

Amy: What’s gonna come through. Just… being able to fully… facilitate that. We’ll see. Give me a moment. I don’t know why I have such butterflies!

Amy closes her eyes and begins to focus, then opens them again.

Amy: I never get nervous.

Me: Yeah, it’s a little strange for you!

She closes her eyes again.

Amy: I just don’t want to disappoint him. I just feel that there’s so much.

She concentrates. After a few moments, she opens her eyes and smiles.

Amy: Okay, I’m ready. If you’re ready.

Me: First of all, I noticed we’re both wearing purple. That’s good! (laughs) So I guess if we’re ready to start, um, just want to welcome him and say that we’re glad to be talking to him today. Obviously, he’s got something he wants to say but I know I’m supposed to ask the questions, so I’ll ask — I guess I’ll start with, oh boy. Where to start. I’m interested in knowing why he was so active, spiritually, as soon as he passed? Just because it seems, and this could be something I’m misunderstanding, but it usually seems like when somebody passes it takes a little while for them to cross over. But it seems like he was just right at it, so I was wondering why that was.

Amy: First, you need to understand that he… knew. Before it happened. He was fully aware that his time on this planet was… complete. And, with that, he had already ascended to… higher levels of evolution in body. So when he left his body, um, he immediately transcended to a higher being. He is a higher dimensional being now. I would almost… he works very closely with the Ascended Masters, I see them around. He’s ascended to a high level. That’s how.

Me: Who are the Ascended Masters?

Amy: So you have Jesus, you have Krishna, you have St. Germain, you have Archangel Metatron is an Ascended Master… Buddha.

Me: So spiritual leaders? So he just sort of skipped to the head of the class, basically. Because he had already done enough work in body.

Amy: Yes. And in body, so many of his guides were Ascended Masters. I see his work while he was here, St. Germain definitely being with him. He’s just a magical person. And it’s really weird, and I know this is gonna sound strange, but since this has started I keep seeing him like, half-man, half-horse? Like, his face and his chest, but then the back part is a horse or unicorn or something… (laughs) Very strange. Magical. Just… magical.

Me: He definitely exuded that while he was here, I think. Because I would say the way people reacted to him is much different than the way people reacted to Elvis. Or the way people reacted to Princess Diana. The reaction to him specifically and what he brought was almost like… like you said, he was very magical. Very spritely.

Amy crinkles her nose and laughs, nodding her head.

Me: Okay, so you say he knew his time here was done. Is that meant to mean while it was happening or he had knowledge of it days, weeks, hours before?

Amy: He… he’s telling me he’s not going to go deep into this with me because what we’re doing is different. He’s telling me he has quote-unquote “people” on this. So… his death was not natural. And he knew it was happening. And he knew why. And he knew who. And… where he was found was no accident, and… he was aware of what was happening.

Prince was found dead on arrival in an elevator in his home this past April. He’d been experiencing various illnesses throughout the month; his cause of death is officially fentanyl overdose, a drug that it is unknown how he had possession of.

Amy looks down solemnly.

Me: So that sounds like we will get some answers… at some point.

Amy: Yes. But he wants… he wants it said, in truth, that the people who are willing to say it without fear are saying it for him. It’s not that he needs to be vindicated or even for… the truth of his death to come out in a mass way. Those who need to be made aware of the truth will be made aware and those who aren’t ready for that will keep believing the story fed to them.

She pauses, listening.

Amy: But he does want it known that the “forces” — that’s what he’s saying — that had been against him for quite a long time are responsible. And he’s telling me that’s all he wants me to say.

Me: Okay. Then we shall leave it there. Let’s go a little bit lighter before we dive into what it is he’s wanting to say, and maybe this will lead us there. We sort of talked to Elvis about what his purpose was when he was here, and the whole idea of allowing people to worship a higher power whether it was through him or what he brought — what does Prince believe his purpose was while he was in body?

Amy: He’s saying that it changed a lot over the years. That he didn’t always get it. He was, um… the core belief of what he considered possible when it came to being a channel, and magic, and alchemy, and all of these things… that was always there, but there were moments of life when ego was very prevalent. Where getting wrapped up in certain things… so it wasn’t always across the board the same. It was a process for him.

She pauses again, looking very serious, deep in thought.

Amy: Freedom. Was what he believed in most in his life, in his time in body. Freedom away from what society and the world tries to box you into and make you believe. A lot of that came out as sexual energy, but he understood what the sexual energy… that it’s about energy. The closest thing we have to connection with divinity, and so even when he exuded sexuality it was even then in a sacred sense of allowing the freedom of your channel to have divinity flow through it. Whether that’s sexual, whether it’s playing prolific guitar, songwriting, performing… Whatever that was. His main message was freedom. And understanding that the… brainwashing of trying to take out the individual beauty of a human being to make them more… sheeple. Was what he was completely against. And so the way he dressed, the music he wrote, the way he expressed himself, the way he allowed spirit to move through him was all about freedom and letting go of the judgments of what we’re supposed to be and how we’re supposed to think. And the rule. Especially when it’s governed by people who are trying to control you and put you under their thumb.

Me: The first thing that came to mind as soon as you said freedom was, and I mean I was a kid when it happened, but the whole changing his name to a symbol so that he couldn’t be controlled by the record labels. That was a very bold move and I know a lot of people made fun of it because it sounded very silly if you didn’t understand what he was trying to do.

Amy: Everything he did had layers. So he was just saying to me as you were saying that, that he literally went through an evolutionary process in his lifetime where he was consistently, constantly changing and evolving. So although that changing his name to a symbol was, you know, because of all that, it was also him trying to break away from the identity of what he had been boxed into and become. He was constantly breaking out of his own box. Constantly. And he’s telling me now that even his religion, what he chose towards the end of his life, was another way to break out of his box. Even though people thinking that him being devout in a belief system is placing himself in a box… he wants to talk about that for a second.

In 2001, Prince joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a somewhat confusing move for a celebrity of his style. Most of his faith-based philanthropy was done anonymously and only made public after his death.

Amy: Jehovah’s Witness, to him, was a way for him to be able… everything that was part of that belief system was something he identified with. And he wants people to understand that he didn’t follow it and devote to it the way most people would want to automatically assume would be the reasons he’s doing it. And he wants people to understand when you live the kind of life he lead, where there really are no boundaries, there really are no — anything that you want, you can get. Anything you want to experience, you can pretty much ask for it and it’ll be there. No boundaries. So be to able to live the way he wanted to live, which was clean — he wanted to live a clean life. He wanted to live a life that was the opposite of what society shoved down our throats. Even holidays, he’s saying. Even celebrations, being boxed into this, boxed into that — when it came time for him, and he converted, it was because there really was nothing about what was being presented to him that he didn’t resonate with. And he found that to have a channeled focus, into a structure, was an easier way for people to accept the way he wanted to live his life. Does that make sense?

Me: Yeah, the first thing I thought of is not so… I mean it’s not as black and white as all this, but I’ve always heard about how hippie parents end up raising conservatives and conservatives end up raising hippies. Because there’s either too many rules, they break away and they want no rules, or there’s no rules at all and that makes them scared so they end up needing ALL the rules. So it sounds to me like a matter of balance.

Amy: Yes! He said yes, and also, he felt true devotion in his heart for… spirit, and wanted to live his life the way he felt to live it. And to be able to explain to people that he didn’t do this because of his belief system, he didn’t want to partake in this because of his belief system, also was, um, an easier way for him to be able to devote himself.

Me: That makes sense. And then what you were saying about the sort of not fitting into this box, but identifying with the religion itself, and being able to take what he needed from that is also kind of breaking out of the box. You’re not just blindly following some faith because you were told to, you’re taking what you need from this faith in order to better yourself.

Amy: Yes.

Me: And I think — I mean, I do know people who do that. Not enough. But I think that’s one of the benefits — I’m not a religious person, but when you look at what religion does for people when practiced the right way… that’s a very powerful thing.

Amy smiles.

Amy: Yes. He agrees.

Me: Am I gettin’ it?

Amy: (laughs) You’re getting it!

Me: So usually by now I’ve thrown down a couple questions, a couple subjects, so is there just something he wants to talk about in particular?

She closes her eyes and focuses. Each of her next sentences comes with a brief pause afterwards.

Amy: He wants people to wake up and realize what’s being done to them. Wake up and realize the lies that are being told to them. Wake up and realize that the power lies within our hands to make a change. We are not helpless. We are only helpless because we are blind by our own doing. And he’s showing me, you know, those sleep masks you put on so when you sleep you want to be in total darkness. We, as people, have willingly put those on. And he wants everyone to start taking them off. He wants everyone to see — and he knows this is going to sound hypocritical because he was part of it — the entertainment machine for what it is. Not to say that music, film, acting, all of those things… are not beneficial to society. They are. But. As with everything, to go to the extreme to allow it to be distraction, to allow it to start influencing thoughts, beliefs, the drive to want to take control of our own lives and create masterpieces of our own. Instead, we’re lazy and we want to sit on the couch and watch someone ELSE’S masterpiece. And then we get desensitized, and brainwashed. He wants people to understand that that is the mass weapon of destruction. To stop buying into the warmongering. The fear of everything that’s going on in our planet. And to realize that the real enemy is right under our noses.

Amy pauses, looking very serious, and adds:

Amy: Wake up.

Very often, an impassioned speech like that is how we end our session. It usually contains the meat of our spiritual message and wraps up the whole thing with a nice, poignant resonation. But Prince has only gotten started. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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