Conversations With Dead People: A Medium’s Session With JonBenet Ramsey (Part 4)

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise.

Me: (sighs) Um. Just looking at a couple of pictures real quick. (sighs) Yeah, I guess I’m not sure, just that, covers a lot of it… and, um, we’ll try to be… gentle. In the coverage. And make sure that that’s touched on. And there’s still something else she wants to say… and she’s still… on me.

Amy closes her eyes again, listens. I click and look at other websites.

Amy: So she’s trying to explain… um. Trying to… justify? She still has a very sticky…

Amy’s audio, here, becomes distorted and odd.

Amy: She is a… she’s a, not saying this disrespectfully, but she’s a piece of work. Um. There’s a lot of sticky… manipulative… darker emotional stuff goin’ on there, but she is…

There’s a strange growling sound. Amy’s hands are clasped in prayer.

Amy: Telling me, and I’m hearing the words “I was in love.” So, she was IN love with someone. And where I feel she is justifying is where I’m hearing her say, “You can imagine walking in on your daughter and…”

Amy gestures vaguely, upset, not able to properly communicate what Patsy is apparently saying.

Amy: Yeah. And in her own sick way… feeling she was putting an end to the… suffering of…

Amy pauses for a long moment, eyes closed.

Me: To the cycle, kind of?

Amy: Yes, and also, what she feels JonBenet had become. A…

Amy stops again, and when she says this, I feel a chill.

Amy: A little monster. That’s the way she viewed her. A little monster. It’s… some… fucked up stuff.

Me: Yeah. Um. Okay. Well, I only have one last question, and it’s going to be over email. And you can look at that and see if maybe… what your answer is. From the email. From that.

I am decidedly uncomfortable. There is a really weird feeling of “Wait, didn’t you like me? Didn’t you feel bad for me?”



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