Conversations With Dead People: A Medium’s Session With JonBenet Ramsey (Part 4)

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise.

Amy: She’s saying it was to create a trail… a diversion. Of attention, going towards… that.

Me: Okay.

Amy: ‘Do you understand?’ she’s asking.

To be totally fair, it’s a little insulting. It’s pretty obvious that the acronym is a distraction. I feel condescended to, like I’m not smart enough to be handling this.

This part is very important. It’s where the energy begins to shift.

Me: I think so. The one thing that was… normally… it’s SBTC, a lot of people thought… it was ‘Saved By The Cross’? [redacted]

My dog continues to squeak away.

Amy: Trying to divert it to make it… um… like it was business related. Money related. Like that’s the reason she was quote-unquote kidnapped. And the ransom. As if she had been killed out of vengeance, or something to do with… business.

There is a very distinct shift in energy here. I initially felt sympathy for Patsy but that’s gone — it’s almost like she is saying “Why are you still talking about JonBenet? What about ME?”

Me: Okay. The same reason that the amount of money was so, disproportionate to what he made? To make it look like it [JonBenet’s murder] had already been done, and they were just kind of toying with the Ramseys?

There’s not much of an answer. Not one we can share. So let’s move on.

Amy: She’s [Patsy] got a lot of, um… she’s not very fond of him [her husband.]

Meanwhile, Amy is looking weak. I don’t want to push her too hard but I feel we need to get something from Patsy. My initial sympathy for her has waned and I want more.

Me: Okay, we covered the note. We already know what happened —

Amy: She wants…

Her head rolls back on her neck, something I’ve rarely seen with her.

Amy: She wants people to understand that, had she been a person… in her right frame of mind… she never could’ve allowed, or done, what she did. And so she wants people to understand that she was NOT in her right frame of mind, that she had mental sickness. And, also, that… it literally was, uncontrollable rage. That, it’s not a thought of “I’m going to do this right now,” she just… did it. It… she’s not expecting compassion, or forgiveness. She just wants it known if she had been a balanced person from the beginning, mental help… obviously what happened wouldn’t have happened. And she’s very sorry about that. She has… remorse. She’s working on her… evolution. She’s had… quote-unquote time… to… evaluate, and. Assess. And… work through. All that.

While I can appreciate everything she’s saying, I don’t necessarily buy all of it. There’s just something that feels… wrong.



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