Conversations With Dead People: A Medium’s Session With JonBenet Ramsey (Part 4)

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise.

Amy: Just ask her questions. Ask a question.

In the past, whether it was a session with Marilyn Monroe or Nicole Brown Simpson, this question would’ve been much gentler. It would’ve been leant a subtle hint towards what was needed from the subject or, at the very least, phrased in an open, friendly way. This feels more like “Just go. Just please go.”

Me: Okay, um, where is she, I guess, spiritually… I guess, with what happened that night?

I’m softballing one in for sure, mainly because I’m scared to go too strong up front.

A few long minutes pass.

Amy: She has forgiven herself, and she has forgiven everyone involved. She… can see now… she was sick.

Me: So she [Patsy] has sort of a clarity now. That she didn’t have before.

Amy: Yeah. She said there was a real, mental… mental problems there. That… stemmed from things she’s not willing to go into. About her own childhood, her own raising… and she says it’s better for me that I don’t go into that. So…

I immediately have a sense of regret. That I may be being too hard on Patsy. Who knows what she had to endure as a child herself — perhaps she was only living out the same thing she knew. We’re all damaged, to a certain extent.

Me: Yeah, okay. All right. And she’ll have to forgive me, too. I kind of came at this… hard. From the beginning. ‘Cause it is, you know, an emotional thing and I have to remember… our O.J. lesson. Humanity. Everyone is a person. Everybody’s gone through their own shit. So. Um. I guess, uh, does she want to talk about the ransom note?

This is a decidedly gentler approach than I’d taken earlier in the session. We’ll see how it lands. For those who aren’t aware, multiple handwriting experts were able to identify Patsy as being the person who wrote the ransom note found at the Ramsey house, while no handwriting experts from the defense were able to rule her out.

A long pause.



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