Conversations With Dead People: A Medium’s Session With JonBenet Ramsey (Part 3)

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise.

Amy: And why were they even suspects?

Me: Because the Ramseys pointed their finger at them. The Ramseys threw a ton of their friends under the bus.

Amy: Why did they say — what did they say about these people?

Me: That they were around a lot. I mean, they didn’t really have… reasons. For — I mean — like I said, these were friends that, were good enough that if like, I had a kid and my kid went missing and I called my friends [redacted for the sake of privacy] to have them come over here because I needed moral support — that’s who these people would’ve been. That’s who they were to the Ramseys. And they… were given as… suspects.

Amy: Okay. So, she’s showing me… that for a reason. So. Um.

Amy closes her eyes for a moment. I click away, still looking at research, photos of JonBenet in Google image results.

Amy: So I just got that [redacted] was involved. And [redacted] knows. A… silent partner.

Me: Just kinda… let it happen?

Amy: Mmm hmm.

Me: Involved that night, or just — in general —

Amy: Both.

Me: Both? Okay. Um.

Rarely during these sessions have I felt like I didn’t know what to say. Hell, in life I am rarely found without something to say. Currently, I am stuck. I don’t know what to do to keep the session moving forward and I don’t know what to do to keep us safe legally. I look at my second monitor, full of images of JonBenet’s sweet face, and bite my lower lip.

Luckily, Amy speaks up for me.

Amy: And I’m also hearing that, what you have to understand is that, what seems like them throwing people under the bus? Was… um… it was a way to, uh, so, that they got — because all these people were, privy to the information, it was also a way to balance and check. Make sure that no one talked because, you know… “You’re on the chopping block, too.” Yeah.

There’s a little more conversation about people involved. None of it really pans out. There was a 911 call made from the Ramsey home on 12/23/1996 during a Christmas party that resulted in a hang-up. In the background, my dog scratches his ear and his tags jangle loudly. We do manage to zero in on someone involved but I cannot, legally, name them here.



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