Conversations With Dead People: A Medium’s Session With JonBenet Ramsey (Part 2)

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise.

Read part one here.

And so we begin part two.

I felt a sense of dismay at breaking this conversation apart, but it truly feels right. There’s just too much to have in one piece. JonBenet deserves the time, the consideration. As tasty as this story may be it’s not meant to be gobbled up in one sitting. It’s just not.

We left with Amy’s determined claim that Patsy snapped. Let’s find out why.

Amy’s eyes are closed. Her hands are clasped. She looks visibly distressed.

Amy: It’s two different things. The… raging.. (lets out a breath) The feeling I’m feeling is… a… betrayal. Of. Someone that she [Patsy] was interested in. Being… fixated and claiming something with… JonBenet. And… the rage coming from that? And the rage coming from…

She gestures vaguely, eyes still closed. My speakers begin to click.

Amy: Her… daughter being soiled. And… because… she… This is my words, interpreting this. She [JonBenet] brought… that out. In that person. She… saw JonBenet as a demonic… evil… thing. That at that moment, needed to be… annihilated. That’s what… it feels like.

I’ve done a lot of sessions with Amy and she’s never looked like this before. Her eyes are wild. She’s closing her eyes a lot more than normal, her hands are in front of her, rigid and almost clawlike. Where in past sessions she’s clearly brought forth the pleasant parts of a spirit — Marilyn Monroe’s enthusiasm, Princess Diana’s subtle wit — here she seems hard, panicked, almost manic.

Amy: The darkest thing you can think. The feelings of jealousy… feelings of, betrayal… rage… hysteria… Needing to do something. To stop the “evil.”

She stares off into the distance, seeming to consider this. I wonder how hard Patsy is still trying to push through. A minute passes as I sit, waiting, before she says with a stoic certainty:

Amy: She [JonBenet] was sexually abused. For a long period of time. It wasn’t… staged. Or… that time only. I don’t know if that can be proven.

We’re about to get dark here, so bear with me. Amy is referring to the vaginal trauma found during JonBenet’s autopsy. Many people have speculated that Patsy murdered JonBenet in a moment of rage — which may be the case, according to what we know so far — but another aspect of the crime is that many think Patsy staged all the “kidnapping” aspects. The bound hands (with no evidence of struggle, which obviously a child would have done,) the duct tape (a perfect lip imprint, which means it would’ve been applied after death,) and the vaginal trauma (perhaps left to imply a pedophile kidnapper.)

However, post-autopsy, it was scientifically determined JonBenet had, in fact, sustained vaginal trauma prior to the murder. It was left up for debate whether it was sexual or, as she was known for bed-wetting, maybe the trauma came from hard wiping — the way a parent would to punish a child for soiling themselves.

I begin to thumb through the book I purchased entitled “JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation,” seeking the passage I recall reading.


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