My Friend Came To Visit My Family But I Don’t Think Mama Will Ever Let Her Leave

I am writing this in the dark so my handwriting may be sloppy but I needed to tell someone because Sandra is asleep. A few minutes ago, I heard people talking in the living room, very quiet and whispery. The way you talk when you don’t want someone else to hear.

I thought maybe it was Carolyn and Marceline, sharing their little secrets like they sometimes do, but then I saw Jacob walk past my room. I laid my head down real quick so he wouldn’t see that I saw. Then there was a tap-tap-tap on Mama’s door.

I peeked again but I couldn’t see from my bed. I thought about getting up and decided that was a bad idea.

Mama and Jacob talked. More quiet hush-talk. The door closed again.

Then I heard other sounds. Not so quiet this time.

I do not know what this means.

July 20, 1989

I tried to tell Sandra about Jacob and Mama but she is somewhere else in her head today. She says she’s homesick. She misses her family.

Sandra is part of our family now, can’t she see that? In our happy house no one is fighting or yelling or breaking glass. It’s always warm and the food is good and Mama loves us so much. I bet Sandra just misses her stupid television shows.

That was unkind of me. I am sorry I wrote it, but I am using a pen and the damage is done.

A plane crashed yesterday. A lot of people died, but not all of them. Mama said her friend in town told her all about it and that it was a sign.

Sandra said sometimes bad things just happen. Mama didn’t like that so much and she gave Sandra one of her hard looks.

Mama said, “There will be more signs. This is just the first of many. We will hear Him calling soon.”

Maybe this is why Jacob went to Mama last night?

It is very exciting! Sandra rolled her eyes though, I can tell she doesn’t believe and for that she should be more careful. If I can tell then chances are Mama already knows.



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