Live: A Medium And I Are Trying To Contact The Dead While Staying Overnight In One Of America’s Most Haunted Houses

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures

Saturday, 2:29 am CST

We are going to try to go to sleep. Our room is freezing. We keep hearing noises coming from the fireplace. Amy keeps seeing things. We will try to do some more work tomorrow morning — checkout isn’t until 11 am — but I have a feeling things are going to get interesting tonight. Thanks for tuning in; look for an update in the morning.

Saturday, 2:02 am CST

Wow. We just got back from an insane few sessions. First of all, Amy used a pendulum to ask if there had been peace reached between the two parties. If the Lemps had permission from the Cherokee to finally pass on. Each question was met with a ‘yes.’

Then she asked if we were stopping the spirits’ crossover by speaking with them. Hard no. Could we keep speaking with them? Hard yes.

Billy Lemp stepped forward to “set the record straight” about something. About his father’s death. I’ll go into that later as we still don’t have all the details. The EMF meter was running the whole time and we only got a few small spikes as we were using the pendulum instead.

Then we headed down to Charles Lemp’s room.

If you’ll recall, Charles is the ghost who is “sweet” on me and has visited my home a few times. (I only live a few minutes away from the mansion.) Amy began by asking questions with no real response. Finally, she asked, “Do you want M.J. to ask the questions?”

The meter spiked all the way to yellow, the highest I’d seen all night.

What followed was a series of questions that ranged from whether he visited my house when my husband was on a business trip (big spike) and if he killed himself in the bar area rather than the bedroom we were in (sad little spike.) You can watch the full session here, where the whole Lemp family ends up getting in on the conversation:

We will be doing a few more sessions before calling it quits for the night. Tomorrow we will review all our video and audio. Already the fireplace, after being quiet all night, has started to make the same sounds it did the last time I was here and trying to sleep: small stones being thrown about, knocks, creaks. I do not think this will be a quiet night.

Saturday, 12:19 am CST

We just finished a pretty intense EMF reader session down in Billy’s office where he supposedly killed himself. (Amy has other ideas.) During this session, we played Cherokee chants of hope and Amy asked the Cherokee and the Lemps to come together to try to release the Lemps from their prison. We got several interesting spikes on the meter, especially when Amy asked if they wanted us to turn the chants off. That got a hard yes.

In our second Periscope session, Amy explains exactly what we’re doing here tonight. We are taking a breather and going back at it very soon. Meanwhile, I’m going to the part of the house that scares me the most to get ice for my energy drink. Wish me luck.

Friday, 10:50 pm CST

Only moments after our last EVP, we get what sounds like an actual ghost conversation. See if you hear what we did, and remember, the upstairs was completely silent at this point.

Friday, 10:38 pm CST

And within an hour of arriving we already catch what Zak Bagans would call “A CLASS A EVP!” Except I’m not wearing a tight black t-shirt or shouting “bro” a lot.

Check this out. Amy was meditating and I was going through letters left by previous people who stayed here. Neither of us were speaking and this is not passing traffic.

Chills. I’m going to try to pull more from the first session we did. Meanwhile, here is our first Periscope session.

Friday, 9:44 pm CST

Good evening world! It’s me, M.J. Pack, and my clairvoyant friend Amy Venezia. We are staying overnight in the Elsa Suite at the Lemp Mansion, the most haunted room in one of the most haunted houses in the whole country. We are on a mission to make contact with the Lemp family from beyond the grave and see what we can do to help these lost souls who appear to be trapped between the walls of this house.

We just enjoyed a fabulous dinner and some wine in the atrium area of the restaurant; bear with us as we set up some technical equipment and decide on a plan of action. There’s a dinner theater downstairs as well as the restaurant and bar, which stay open until 11, so it will be a little while before we get the place to ourselves (and whatever other guests happen to be staying overnight.) After close, the employees lock the doors and leave us here, then we’re on our own.

Billy has already been very talkative. In a brief EVP session we were rewarded with several very clear answers — one voice appears to whisper “be kind” — as well as what sounds like an entire group of people chattering amongst themselves.

Amy promises it will be a very intense night — perhaps the most intense experience of her life. And, to quote her, “That’s saying something.”

We will be live Periscoping (link to be included) as well as recording video, audio, and sharing with you whatever we find and experience.

Walk these haunted halls with us as we try to bring the Lemp family — and the Cherokee spirits that cursed them — some amount of peace.

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