6 Little Known Things About Marilyn Monroe That Prove She Was Absolutely No Dumb Blonde

She Was Passionate About Helping Others And Donated To Many Charities


Once her financial situation improved, Marilyn began to show her generous side. She had many causes that she held dear to her heart. She was particularly fond of donating to children, especially the underprivileged — as she had once been just that. These charities included WAIF, an organization that placed abandoned children in new homes; The Milk Fund For Babies; March Of Dimes; and various children’s welfare charities.

But she wasn’t showy about it. While on a trip to Mexico, Marilyn — flocked by the press — wrote out a check for $1000 to donate to an orphanage. Upon their departure, she tore the check up and replaced it with a check for $10,000. Her final donation was in her will, urging 25% of her estate “to be used for the furtherance of the work of such psychiatric institutions or groups as she shall elect.” This was left in her former psychiatrist’s hands, who chose Anna Freud Children’s Clinic of London to receive the donation.

Marilyn was also very charitable towards animals. According to poet Norman Rosten:

“She welcomed birds, providing tree houses and food for the many species that visited her lawn; she worried about them in bad weather. She worried about dogs and cats. She once had a dog that was by nature contemplative, but she was convinced he was depressed. She did her best to make him play, and that depressed him even more; on the rare occasions when he did an antic pirouette, Marilyn would hug and kiss him, delirious with joy.”



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