6 Little Known Things About Marilyn Monroe That Prove She Was Absolutely No Dumb Blonde

She Worked Hard At Her Craft And To Be Taken Seriously


During all the hubbub with Fox, Marilyn continued to shock the public by attending the legendary Actors Studio in New York City to study with the illustrious artistic director Lee Strasberg. There, she tirelessly studied the Stanislavsky Method — an acting concept wherein the performer draws from personal emotional memory in order to portray a character onstage.

Her reason for spending time learning classical acting methods rather than staying put in Hollywood? Self-improvement:

“I knew how third rate I was. I could actually feel my lack of talent, as if it were cheap clothes I was wearing inside. But, my God, how I wanted to learn! To change, to improve!”

Strasberg placed her in the same category as Marlon Brando of ‘his most talented pupils.’ Even while her star was on the rise and she was raking in the money due to her sharp business skills, Marilyn wasn’t content to rest or stagnate. She was always striving to be better, to be more, and I think that’s pretty admirable.



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