‘Making A Murderer’: What Does Scott Tadych Know That We Don’t?

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise. Spoilers ahead for “Making A Murderer.”


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Hello again, dear readers. Sorry for the delay, it’s been a very busy month for both Amy and me. But now we’re back with a scatter-shot of reads for different players in this elaborate game. So take my hand and let’s return to:

Scott Tadych


Amy previously did a read on “Mustache Man,” as she calls him, and noted that he was absolutely lying and not doing a very good job convincing others of what he’s said to have witnessed. But there’s more.

Okay…so mustache man… so what I am feeling when I tune into him, besides my earlier read, is there is some kind of heirarchy in this family unit? There are positions and places and that has to do with money and land and power and wills, etc. I feel this man may be related through marriage? I could be wrong about that. But he is definitely related to “sad man” [Steven Avery].

This is a really interesting angle. She’s right about Tadych having married in; he’s Bobby and Brendan Dassey’s stepfather and Steven Avery’s brother-in-law. But what kind of issues do the Avery/Dassey clans have with hierarchy? They do seem to own a pretty large lot of land, maybe inheritance is coming to play here? The family seems far from friendly with each other and Barb Janda (Bobby and Brendan Dassey’s mother, Steven Avery’s sister) flip-flops on Steven’s innocence the entire documentary.

He just feels to me what people call a “used car salesman” type of demeanor. A slick talker and a yes man. Has no real backbone. Goes with what he is told and thinks he is much smarter and craftier than what he really is.

Now I don’t know Tadych personally but I definitely agree with this assessment. I think he thinks he’s a pretty smart cookie yet that’s far from the truth.

I feel he was offered something. Someone came to him and said “It is in your best interest if this goes this way and here is why…and can we count you in?” Promises were made and some of those have to do with the positions in this family. There is a lot of resentment towards “sad man” and a whole lot of “you don’t deserve to be still reaping the benefits…” kind of stuff. There were a lot hoping this sad man stayed gone? They were happy about him being gone?

Again, law enforcement having something to do with all this mess is what this reminds me of. But what raises the hair on my arms is — if you, as I do, believe Amy has looked at no information on this case other than what I’ve sent her — the “still reaping the benefits” isn’t even something I’d ever considered. Could she be talking about Steven Avery’s settlement for his false imprisonment? He was poised to make quite a bit of money. Was Tadych’s attitude basically “fuck that guy, he doesn’t deserve all that money, yeah you can count me in”? And in addition to that, the idea that his family (the Dasseys more than anything, I’d guess) wanted to keep him gone… that’s pretty chilling, too, and more than enough reason to cooperate with the cops.

He really is so gross…and just dumb…he actually has no feelings for who this destroys. “It’s for the good of the family…name…legacy…etc.” This is what I hear him saying…trying to convince someone that they are doing the right thing. I hear lots and lots of promises being made by two sides. Protection…”It won’t be that bad”…convincing of time periods, like…”It will just be a chunk of time…and worth it…there will be this for you (some kind of prize or money or title) at the end of it…” He is a liar and as I stated before, a pretty obvious one.

So if this is true, Tadych was more than happy to go along with whoever was instructing him to lie on the stand. I find it very interesting that he was the one doing the “convincing”… I would guess it would have been to Barb Janda, Steven’s sister. Convincing her that it was worth it and the inconvenience to them wouldn’t be long. How wrong he was about that.

I actually feel he knew the woman that was murdered too. The one I read previously. On the telephone…speaking…like he set something up or was part of that whole thing.

I have speculated this before; I think that the Janda/Dassey clan had more to do with Teresa and the sale of the car she was there to photograph than we even know. It’s not hardly mentioned in the documentary but worth knowing that the car being sold on the Avery property did NOT belong to Steven Avery — it belonged to Barb Janda. Makes way more sense that someone like Tadych or Barb would make that call and arrange everything, doesn’t it?

Third official theory: someone in the Janda/Dassey clan actually arranged for Teresa Halbach to arrive to photograph the car, then purposely backed out so Steven Avery would be the only individual she dealt with.

That makes Steven Avery, as so famously lauded, “the last one to see her alive.” And it makes sense: “Oh Steven, we thought we could be there but we can’t, could you just talk to Ms. Halbach so we can get that picture? We really need to sell the car.” I mean, RIGHT?

Okay, since we’ve been talking about them peripherally so much, let’s jump over to:

The Janda/Dassey Clan


Okay first off, can we talk about Scott Tadych’s smug fucking smirk in that picture? I mean, come on. Thinks of himself as much smarter than he is, indeed. Anyway…

The boys in the picture. Wow. This is heartbreaking. I just feel and keep hearing “they had no choice.” There was no choice in the matter. One, knew this and took his knocks (the angry one.) He is angry at sad man. He is angry at mustache man. He is angry at the whole damn situation.

We’ve covered this in previous parts. Bobby Dassey (the angry one) was most likely involved in all this and promised protection, but never expected his brother Brendan would become a suspect. He’s pissed. I’d be pissed too.

The woman in the photo, she has zero say. Zero. For her life and her own good and also to not “lose” something. That feels monetary to me. Position too.

Barb is hardly in control during the entire case. Especially if the above is true and her husband convinced her that she couldn’t do anything but they stood to profit if she stayed quiet.

That’s enough of them for now. Let’s take a look at the suspected crime scene:

Steven Avery’s Garage


Something about this place has always felt off to me. I didn’t feel like anything really went down violence-wise in the garage, despite the prosecution’s attempt to convince us otherwise. Here’s what Amy thought:

The garage sends shivers up my spine. I have seen similar to this in flashes of when I have seen her tied up while the men stand around discussing killing her, etc. in front of her. I do feel she was in this garage.

This is a common thread that has come up when Amy read Teresa; that she was held somewhere as these men discussed what to do with her.

I do feel the men were in here with her. I don’t feel she was killed in this location. But it is where she was tied up and hearing them talk about this. I don’t feel this was for a long period of time. Very short. Like even maybe a matter of minutes.

This all makes sense as the garage is right on Avery’s property. If she was snagged on her way out, the garage is the closest, safest place to hide her until the plan was complete.

I feel a whole lot planted here though. Droplets. Pours. Hairs. Even footprints.

Much like the infamous car key, there was evidence found in the garage that reeked of being planted. I recall specifically blood and bullets. If Amy is the real deal, and I believe she is, this is pretty on-the-nose.

Let’s finish up with the only other character in this farce who might be more hated than Ken Kratz and Mike Halbach put together:

Len Kachinsky


Yeah, grin away, you sleazy little jerk. Everyone knows Len as the public defender for Brendan Dassey who seemed far more preoccupied putting Brendan away than actually, you know, defending him. Amy got quite a read off this guy:

And the we come to goofy man. Oh my…I would not want my future in the hands of this one. Is he a judge? Feels like it. Judge…lawyer.

Nail on the head yet again, on all counts. I don’t think any of us would want our future in “Goofy Man’s” hands.

I don’t even know what to say other than he is a “joke” when it comes to how he handles things. It feels like a three ring circus. Odd…eccentric and reminds me of the “fool” in tarot. Just walking along whistling while everything implodes around him. Unaware of his surroundings. Not able to read or gauge situations at all. Gullible.

Very interesting that she compares Len to the fool. Because, uh, he IS. He seemed totally flabbergasted that Brendan wanted a new lawyer, totally baffled when he was taken off the case completely, and went right along with Michael O’Kelly’s bizarre vendetta against the Avery family. Meanwhile, Michael O’Kelly was too busy crying over that blue ribbon to defend himself. (SERIOUSLY. What is up with the blue ribbon? Did you know he tried to make Brendan take it after their interview?! WHAT. WHY.)

I’ve carefully selected the next few photos for Amy to read based on some research and suggestions from you, my lovely readers. We’re going to get pretty dark here shortly. Stay tuned for some readings on an anonymous note sent to the police, Sherry Culhane, and a bizarre theory/rumor that has everyone talking.

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