‘Making A Murderer’: The Serial Killer’s Anonymous Letter And What ‘Sikikey’ Might Mean

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise. Spoilers ahead for “Making A Murderer.”


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Amy and I have been over so much information in this case. Stumbling in some areas, pawing in others, feeling like we’re slowly getting towards some answers.

Yesterday, we realized we might have something new.

I was asked by multiple readers to have Amy read the anonymous letter that was supposedly sent by Steven Avery — a letter that was left out of the documentary. Oddly enough, it was also deemed admissible by the courts, so the whole thing was sort of a mystery waiting to be unraveled by the rabid “Making A Murderer” fan club. I was also asked to send photos of the notorious serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. Edwards was a serial killer who delighted in taunting the police and framing others for his crimes, which makes sense why onlookers might think he was involved in Steven Avery’s case.

Well, for one, at the time of Teresa Halbach’s murder, Edwards lived less than an hour away from Avery’s property. For another, he was purported to be seen multiple times on camera during the documentary — this is up for debate, as some people can apparently identify the person who was suspected to be Edwards.

Again, Amy didn’t know any of this. (You must take this, as always, with a grain of salt — but I trust Amy. And I didn’t preface the photos I sent with anything; I send photos with no text or clues.)

All that being said (phew!) let’s take a look at Amy’s reaction to:

Edward Wayne Edwards

Edwards' mugshot
Edwards’ mugshot

I sent this photo, along with a few others that had nothing to do with Edwards, to Amy via email. This was her response to Edwards in particular:

This is a very messed up person. I see basements…torture. I see sick, sick thoughts…I feel them. They make me sick to my stomach. This person leads a complete secret and double life. The things that go on in his head and then the way he presents himself? Two different things. He is a psychopath….sociopath.

There is no way for Amy to know this out of the gate. Especially considering that Edwards went so long without being caught. The part about the “double life” is especially poignant, because Edwards was only arrested in 2009 after apparently being at large for some time . He apparently even appeared on television shows such as “To Tell The Truth” and “What’s My Line?” She goes on:

He has the capability of living in normal environments and people know something is off…but think it is just normal kind of “off-ness”. I know that sounds like an oxymoron….but there is a difference between “that guy is weird” to “that guy holds people prisoner in his basement.” He is the basement. He gets joy out of people’s fear. It turns him on.

“He is the basement.” I feel like that statement will haunt me forever. Again, this is all just from a single photo of Edwards. And yet, Amy has more:

I actually feel this man has hurt people. Animals too. It is very difficult for me to even tune into him. Physically, I feel sick to my stomach. The feeling I get from him to is what horror movies are made of…which you know I can’t watch. I can’t tune into him anymore. Awful!

So, to shake things up, I threw a bunch of a photos together based on audience requests. No rhyme or reason whatsoever. And yet, here’s what happened when Amy saw a photo of:

The Letter Supposedly Sent By Steven Avery


I feel the letter written in that first picture you sent is connected to him? That is the first flash I get. Him and a connection to that letter. I don’t feel this has to do with Sad Man [Steven Avery]…Sad Man has nothing to do with this letter. At all. I am no handwriting expert or psychologist…but when I look at that letter, I get two things. One, two personalities. One prints, one writes in cursive…it shows a split to me. I also feel that the misspellings are intentional. To make the person(s) reading it to feel it is an uneducated person.

I actually thought this, too, when reading the letter the first time. It almost looks like someone wrote it with their left hand. It’s right, but also almost not. From what I’ve seen of Steven Avery’s handwriting, it absolutely doesn’t look like his. However, it doesn’t look like ANYONE’S. There are certain characteristics in the handwriting — loops in the y’s, crosses on the t’s — that vary TOO wildly.

So, we have this much. That’s enough to chew on. However, a reader asked Amy to specifically focus on the weird word in the note — the strangely unidentifiable ‘sikikey.’

Here’s where shit gets weird.

I did just that. I honed in on the strange word and asked Amy to read it. Her response?

Okay… so I tuned into the word… and what I got immediately was the meaning is in the initials KK. Now, I didn’t look at the text you sent me when I got that. It wasn’t until after that I took a second look at the word and saw that the “k”s are written in uppercase.

I couldn’t even respond before she went on:

Whatever “KK” stands for is a person, or a place… that is what we need to figure out. What “KK” stands for.

You know what I know, right? I promptly told her that the “fat man with the red tie” who she’d guessed was in law was named Ken Kratz. Right away:

WTF!?!?! OMG, this is IT. Every hair on my body is standing up!

I, ever the realist, wanted to know how this connected. Amy did not disappoint:

He [Edwards] smelled a rat. He knew they were framing Sad Man [Steven Avery]; that got him involved. It was a new way of playing the game. He is the ultimate framer… how dare they [the prosecution/law enforcement] think that no one is smart enough to notice they’re framing Sad Man [Steven Avery]!

I pushed farther. Why was he even around? What would Edwards have to do with this case?

He wanted to taunt them. He totally gets off on the “framing” and seeing the players suffer and being so smart that no one figures it out. So when he saw that here the prosecution and police are playing the game he is so good at… he decided to give them a run for their money.

This gave me legit chills. I had seen theories online where people thought Edwards was responsible for Teresa Halbach’s murder and I wasn’t on board — he’s old, he’s out of shape, there’s no way he would be able to corner a 25-year-old girl in the prime of her life and stop her from escaping.


If he couldn’t do all that, and he relished the idea of framing people, why wouldn’t he try to indulge in the one part of that gruesome activity he could still participate in? ESPECIALLY if he saw someone doing the part of the chase he loved the most… and possibly doing it wrong?

We are still digging, looking for more connections. Everyone who has sent tips/pictures/ideas, you are wonderful. We welcome your help and hope to keep uncovering more as we go along. I can’t even tell you what’s up next because… well, you’ll just have to see. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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