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6 Terribly Tragic Things You Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn’s Death Rocked The World

The day she died, Marilyn was the front-page story all over the globe. People simply couldn’t believe someone so beautiful, successful, and seemingly happy would kill themselves. Remember that whole “carefully crafted image” thing I covered earlier?

It was reported in the New York Times that suicides spiked in the week after her death, hitting a record high of 12 in one day in New York City alone.

A note from one person who committed suicide in the wake of Marilyn’s passing read, “If the most wonderful, beautiful thing in the world has nothing to live for, then neither must I.”

Marlon Brando noted that in the days following the announcement of her death, Hollywood felt slow and sad. He’s quoted as saying, “Everybody stopped work, and you could see all that day the same expressions on their faces, the same thought: ‘How can a girl with success, fame, youth, money, beauty… how could she kill herself?’ Nobody could understand it because those are the things that everybody wants, and they can’t believe that life wasn’t important to Marilyn Monroe, or that her life was elsewhere.”

After their divorce, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn had remained friends. She famously made him promise that if she died before he did, he would bring her flowers. True to his word, DiMaggio had roses delivered to her grave three times a week for 20 years. His last words when he himself passed away in 1999 were “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.” TC mark


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