6 Terribly Tragic Things You Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe

Her “Suicide” Makes No Sense

Okay, everybody’s aware that Marilyn’s death has long been rumored to have been murder rather than suicide. I’m not saying you don’t know that. What I’m saying is that you don’t know WHY it looks so much like murder. Here’s a few of the oddities surrounding Marilyn’s death:

  • Hours before her death, she spoke with Joe DiMaggio Jr., who noted she sounded “cheerful and upbeat”.
  • She was discovered by her housekeeper Eunice Murray, who was never able to keep her story straight. Murray changed the timeline the night of Marilyn’s death multiple times and was found washing sheets at 4am when the police arrived.
  • Despite the 40 pills in her stomach, police noted there was no water glass on the nightstand next to her pill bottles. Marilyn was known to gag even when swallowing pills WITH water. Later, a glass was discovered on the floor near the bed — police claim it wasn’t there when they arrived.
  • The pathologist who performed her initial autopsy wanted to do further testing, specifically to see HOW the pills entered Marilyn’s system. When he requested her organs, he was told the toxicologist had already destroyed all her organs. The pathologist then asked to see slides of the organs and photos showing the unusual bruising on her body and was told they had “disappeared”.

While I don’t exactly prescribe to the idea that Marilyn was killed by the Kennedys, I firmly believe something strange happened surrounding the circumstances of her death. Not to say her troubled past doesn’t add up to suicide… but there’s just something fishy about the whole thing.


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