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6 Terribly Tragic Things You Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe

She Had Daddy Issues

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Here’s something I still find hard to believe — it’s 2015 and we have NO CLUE who Marilyn Monroe’s father was. As I said, Gladys was never very mentally stable and likely didn’t know who fathered her baby so she put Martin Mortensen (her ex-husband) on Norma Jeane’s birth certificate but they had separated long before Gladys became pregnant.

She once showed Norma Jeane a photo of a mustachioed man, identifying him as Charles Stanley Gifford, and said that he was her real father. (Gifford’s family vehemently denies this to this day.) Young Norma Jeane thought he resembled Clark Gable and began to fantasize that HE was her dad.

Now the really sad part. In 1960, Marilyn filmed her final completed movie “The Misfits” and co-starred with none other than Clark Gable himself. Imagine after years of fantasies that this guy could be your dad and suddenly you’re shooting a movie with him. It would be pretty weird, right?

Well, this was also one of the more tumultuous points in Marilyn’s life and production on the movie was hell. She was sick a lot and notoriously late, making the cast and crew stressed out beyond belief. The film DID end up getting finished, but 10 days after shooting wrapped Clark Gable had a massive heart attack and died.

The kicker? His widow stated the “eternal waiting” during the film was what killed him. She didn’t name Marilyn but you knew who she was throwing shade at. So not only did Marilyn never know who her father was, she believed herself responsible for the death of the one man she had considered a father figure. Ouch.



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