I Turned My Phone On This Morning To A Series Of Crazy Texts From My Roommate

Tony Ciampa
Tony Ciampa

My phone was off most of last night because I broke my charger. I thought it was weird that Adam, my roommate, hadn’t come out of his room at all during that time. He usually takes a nap after his Trig class, but I assumed he must have stepped out without me knowing or something. I kept knocking on his door, but it was locked and he wasn’t replying. But he doesn’t usually lock his bedroom door when he leaves.

Just this morning I finally went out and got a phone charger. When I turned it back on, I had all of these texts from him.


[Begin transcript]

10:12 PM
Look I don’t have a lot of time, so let’s just skip the bullshit. Where am I? I remember falling asleep after class and now I’m obviously in someone else’s room. Garrett if this is some kind of prank then you win man. Please make this stop. I’ve only got 20% of my phone battery left and typing on here is stiffer annoying because of fucking autocorrect.

10:15 PM
You win dude. Stop with the sounds outside. How are you even making that noise like an elephant dying or something like it’s making a weird far away noise through its trunk? What is that even? Sounds like it might be Max with that big stupid horn or something.

10:25 PM
Garrett unlock the door.

10:26 PM

10:30 PM
Please. Please. Please. I don’t care if you tell anyone but I feel like I’m going to cry right now because this is scary dude. This is the scariest prank you’ve ever pulled. One for the ages alright. Go ahead and tell everyone how badly you got me and stop fucking with the heat. It’s so hot in here that I feel like my skin is boiling. Like I’m a fucking lobster or something. Come on please.

10:32 PM
Who is that laughing? I know what your laugh sounds like, its not you who is it man? Who’s there with you? I know that’s not Max either.

11:20 PM
Oh my God it’s not you, is it? They came in, bro. It was a guy with a gas mask on and he’s not wearing anything else. Like completely naked and he had these cuts on him man like in the movies when they whip someone so badly that they bleed. Those long gashes all over his chest and back. I looked between his legs and he doesn’t have a dick.

11:21 PM
Fuck man please come get me. I’m sorry I thought it was you.

11:22 PM
Why won’t you reply to me? I’m not fucking around, Garrett, please.

11:45 PM
Garrett, please man. Don’t leave me here.

12:15 AM
It’s bright outside but my phone says its around midnight. The curtains are drawn but there’s this orange glow coming from outside like it’s daylight. Except it’s kind of reddish too. And it’s SO FUCKING HOT IN HERE.

12:20 AM
Is this about Trinity, Garrett? Is that why you won’t help me? Look, I’m sorry about what happened to her. She was the one who wanted to try heroin, I swear to God I didn’t push her into it. I told her it was dangerous, but she wanted to try an injection so I gave it to her.

12:21 AM
No one could have known that it would be too much, man. I’m sorry your girlfriend died, but you can’t just leave me here. I know what a justice freak you are. Thinking I must deserve what has happened to me, but I don’t. No one deserves this shit man, please come find me.

1:15 AM
This is it. 2% battery left.

1:20 AM
The man with the gas mask and the cuts has been staring at me for a while. I tried to push my way through but he wouldn’t let me go. And that fucking elephant sound. And it’s so hot. Man, fuck this is bad. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I drugged your girlfriend and raped her. I was really fucked up then, man. I really didn’t mean to kill her. But I think I have to go now. I think the man wants me to come. I think he’s saying something but I’m not sure.

1:21 AM

[End of transcript]


After reading all of the texts he had sent me, I felt extremely sick to my stomach. I almost threw up, but the need to know more kept me too focused to let go of my breakfast. I didn’t have time to think about the truth of my girlfriend’s fate. Even though I was finding out for the first time the sick extent that that bastard went to.

Instead, I just put my shoulder down and I charged into his door three times until finally the wood gave away and it busted open. And there he was, with his eyes fixed open in this permanent gaze looking up at the ceiling. With a loose tourniquet by his side, and an empty needle still in his loose hand. His lips, his cheeks and his body looked blue.

When the paramedics arrived they said he must have been dead for a while now. Since around 10:00 PM, they had guessed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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