My Roommate And I Bid And Won A Storage Locker For Cheap. We Never Expected To Come This Close To Dying After We Bought It.

Flickr / Matt Perry
Flickr / Matt Perry

I have to confess, I love those shows on television about buying storage units and hunting through antiques, looking for something valuable. I’ve always had a fascination with old things and it seems like a relatively easy way to make some extra money. I imagined it must be almost like a treasure hunt. I imagined wrong.

It wasn’t long before my roommate, Andrew, started taking an interest in the shows too. Soon we were both strapped into our recliners, watching the screen and hatching plans of our own to get into the second-hand business. What could it hurt to try, right? All we needed was a little extra cash that we wouldn’t mind losing if it didn’t pan out.

Working at the same restaurant made it easier for us to pool our money for the business venture. We’ve always been partners in our pipe-dreams, but this one seemed a little more tangible than our long-standing plan to become rockstars. The only downside was that Andrew had to make child support payments on top of everything else, so saving up fell more upon me than him.

“Did you know she doesn’t even work now?” he asked. “She just lives with her mother and collects my money.”

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