10 Types Of Women Who Make The Best Wives

Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights

The big sister who will do anything for her family

She spent most of her life taking care of her younger siblings so she already knows how to be a great mom and caretaker. She’s patient, wise, and unconditionally loves the people she calls family.

The daddy’s girl

From an early age she developed a happy and healthy relationship with her Dad and as the first man in her life he showed her the way a girl should be treated. He might be tough to warm up to someone his daughter dates but he’ll make a hell of a father-in-law. You know a girl who loves her father and is close with him will have the same loyalty and values from her childhood in her marriage.

The Sylvia Plath/Anne Sexton reincarnate

She writes poetry or essays about her failed lovers, sexual experiences, the deep emotions she feels constantly. She has a dark way of seeing life but that’s sort of what has always intrigued you about her – you never know what she’s thinking but you’re sure it will come out in her writing later.

The laidback solo traveler

The female solo traveler is different than the girls who travel in groups because she’s usually traveling with a purpose. She’s not just there to party but to make the most of her travel experience and she’s genuinely interested in the culture she’s visiting. These kinds of girls make the best wives because they’re fearless, open-minded, and interested in what’s going on around the world. Her free spirit and passion in life will keep things exciting in any relationship she finds herself in.

Women you could define as ‘scrappy’

They’re late bloomers. For whatever reason they had a hardship in life that turned them into survivors. They found their way out and they’re finally creating a life for themselves. They’ve had to fight hard for everything they’ve had in life and because of that they’re independent and expect nothing but true equality in a relationship. They don’t need a man, or anyone else, taking care of them, but when they’re in a relationship they really give it their all.

The kind of woman that will make him a better man

She dreams big for both of you. She knows your potential even better you do sometimes and because of that she pushes you to reach your goals. She’s tough on you at times but that’s because she knows you can do much more than what you’re doing now.

The radical feminist

She takes her beliefs to an extreme so you know she’s passionate about life and what she believes in. She’ll get you to understand the female experience probably a lot better than you do now. She’s not only your partner in life but a teacher, someone to learn from.

The girl who always finishes what she starts

No matter what she sees things through. She’s responsible, loyal, and dedicated to whatever she makes a decision on. She doesn’t give up on what she starts and gives everything in life her all. She brings these qualities to her relationships, always believing in the best in the person she’s with, and never giving up on them.

The intellectual

She’s (probably) smarter than you and has a rapid pace mind that can spout off random facts and tidbits about nearly any subject anytime. She’s a bookworm, an academic, and finds pleasure out of doing simple things together – reading, visiting museums, talking in coffeeshops. Smart girls make awesome wives because they keep you on the edge of your seat. They’re love of learning and discovery is an irresistible trait.

The goofball

She’s endlessly funny and charming in her own way. She isn’t afraid of looking stupid or being completely silly at any moment. She can make even the worst situation fun or laughable and this is the kind of woman you want by your side all throughout your life. She’ll always be able to lift you up when you’re feeling low or you’re going through a difficult time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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