15 Things That Happen When You’re Actually A Really Awkward Person

Juno (Single-Disc Edition)
Juno (Single-Disc Edition)

1. You say things to be funny but it just comes out weird or at inappropriate times and everyone’s staring at you like ‘wat’ or uncomfortably not saying anything at all.

2. People tell you you’re better looking in person. Something about photos, man. They always capture you at the worst times. You just can’t ever seem to take a good photo.

3. You sometimes become ridiculously aware of your body in social settings and you’re not sure what to do with your hands/arms/legs. You don’t want to give body language that you’re closed off by folding them but like, you also just really like sitting that way sometimes.

4. When someone even MENTIONS the idea of doing an icebreaker in a group setting you immediately start sweating and thinking about how quickly you can escape to avoid this moment.

5. You overthink EVERYTHING. If someone doesn’t respond to an email within an afternoon or text you back within a day you just kind of assume they’re mad at you or they hate you. Then when they get back to you finally and actually, they were just busy, you’re like OH THANK GOD. I WAS SO WORRIED. Because you legit thought something was up and they have literally no idea what you’re stressing for.

6. You have a really strange group of friends. Mostly made up of a bunch of other awkward people and the occasional cool kid in your group who finds all the awkwardness somehow charming and hilarious.

7. People like to point how awkward, quiet, and/or weird you are. It’s feel really great when people do this! As if you didn’t already know.

8. Your friends seek you out when they have major things going on. They know you’re the one who will listen to them and give them genuine feedback and advice on what they should do.

9. When you find someone else who’s really awkward you immediately gravitate towards them. It’s like a 6th sense awkward people have. We just know when someone else is in a social setting completely clueless as to how they should behave. We immediately befriend them then don’t leave their side until necessary.

10. Sometimes, most of the time, actually you just don’t feel understood. You constantly feel like an outsider in your life. You see how other people just do things so smoothly but it’s never been like that for you. You’re not jealous or anything. You’re just self-aware enough to know the difference between you and most other people.

11. If something bad could happen, it will, and it does. Forgetting to zip up your pants, getting toilet paper stuck on your shoe. If something embarrassing could happen it will always happen to you.

12. Because you’re quiet and awkward, people at parties will later say they find you ‘mysterious.’ You think this is amusing because no, actually, you’re not mysterious. You were just sitting there, thinking quietly to yourself, taking in everything at the party because you had no idea what else to do really. If they talked to you one on one they’d see you’re not “mysterious” at all.

13. You fall in love with everyone and unrequited love is basically just your emotional state most of the time. It’s not like you’re desperate and pining for every single person out there that you meet. It’s more like you take in people’s features more carefully when you spend time with them, you can see what’s under the surface, and you find things attractive other people might not see. You often wonder what it would be like to live in their world.

14. Sometimes you find yourself wanting to use a word but afraid you’re going to pronounce it wrong so you just sweat until the time comes to say what you need to say and you end up just using a different word, while silently being frustrated with yourself for not using the bigger, smarter word.

15. You get annoyed at how popular being “awkward” is in pop-culture these days because you know being actually awkward isn’t so much cute or “adorkable,” as it’s just really anxiety-inducing and frustrating at times. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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