This Is Why People With Anxiety Are The Best Friends You’ll Ever Have

friends with anxiety
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1. They will always understand you.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to explain your side because they already know. They just know.

The urge to always cut your hair every time you feel like it’s too long, the consistent bleaching and changing of hair color because it’s the closest thing you can do to crawl out of your skin. The 3 AM breakdowns. The after party shenanigans.

They won’t judge you for the wrong decisions you make, because they understand that we all have our reasons. There’s always a reason in everything we do.

They know what it feels like to be misunderstood and that’s why they always try to understand other people’s situations.

2. Their ears are always open when you need someone to talk to.

They will be the first person to message you, ask you if you’re fine, or if you need anything. You don’t have to tell them. They notice. Their eyes are always watching. They see everything — even the littlest things.

They notice how your smiles turn down in an instant. The fake laughs you give out when someone tries to make fun of the way you dress. How you get upset every time your ex is brought up during Friday night get-togethers. The deep sighs you exhale out of nowhere.

They know when you’re all right and when you’re not fine. They know you so well that they can tell the difference between your smiles.

3. They might be bad at expressing the way they feel, but if they are given a chance, they can communicate well.

They like to talk. So whenever you need someone to talk to, they are the best person around because they listen and rationalize everything you say. Whether it’s complicated or insensible, they will vindicate it. They give advice that will help you control the situation.

4. They will appreciate everything you do.

Especially the little things. Saving them a seat in your psychology class, tagging them in Facebook posts that reminded you of them, giving them notes when they missed a class, motivating them to do better when they no longer believe in themselves, and looking for them in the crowd after class.

Those little things mean the world to them. And they will always be thankful that they are remembered, especially when they always think that they are worthless.

5. They will never give up on you.

They know how it feels to be rejected, to not be chosen. And they won’t let other people experience the feeling of being left alone.

Even if there are a hundred reasons to let go, they will still find one reason to stay. They will always stay for as long as they can.

They will persist rather than give up because it’s simply them, persistent. Enduring. They never know surrender because they fight. They carry on, despite the wounds and battle scars.

6. They are one of the bravest people you’ll ever meet.

Fighting their anxieties can feel worse than entering a war zone. In wars, you can duck for cover, look for hiding spots, or even shoot back at the opponent — but with anxiety there’s no holding back.

No matter where they hide, no matter how hard they try to fight back, anxiety won’t go away because it’s all in their head.

But they are brave enough to deal with it. They will fight for the people they love. They will fight for you. They will fight your battles for you. And they will stand by your side in triumph and defeat.

7. They are supportive.

They will always push you to do your best. To try new things and forget about the fear of failing.

They will always believe in your capabilities. They will tell you to try out for the band, tell you that you are better than you think, that you are more than enough, that your dress makes you look cute, and that you look more beautiful when you don’t wear your usual make-up.

They believe in you. And surrounding yourself with people like that makes your life easier and happier.

8. You can count on them.

They will always be there for you. They will hold your hand when you’re on the verge of crying and breaking down. They will be there to wipe your tears after a painful breakup.

They will help you stand up from the burden you are almost buried in. They will walk with you, laugh at your corniest jokes, and cry with you after your disappointments in life. They will stay with you until the end. They know loyalty and compassion.

9. They know how to control a situation.

Anxious people have a high degree of self-control. Just imagine the way they control their panic attacks, especially in public places.

They know how to deal with stress and problems. When you are on the verge of giving up and crying, they will be there to calm you down and help you control the situation and help you solve your dilemma.

10. They are hopeful.

When everything seems hopeless, when they feel like they’re lost in the middle of nowhere, they are still guided by the light inside them. Anxiety disorders are wearing. Sometimes they’ll feel it as a never-ending maze, a continuous cycle full of scary twists and mind boggling circumstances. But they persist.

If you ever you’ll feel like you are a hopeless cause, your friend with anxiety will give you hope.

11. They tend to overthink.

A lot. And sometimes it is a good thing. Because they will see through you. They will know the difference between your smiles, the tone you use when you’re happy or sad, the way you excuse yourself when you feel like you don’t want to talk. They know when you’re faking something or not. They notice everything — even the littlest of things.

12. They are sensitive.

They don’t tell you that you look stupid even when you do. Instead, they will compliment the way you dress. They will filter the words they use before they say them. And they will consider your feelings first before blurting anything out. They will always consider you first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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