She’s The Girl You Never Noticed, But Should Have Fallen For

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She’s the girl who loved you without question. The girl who liked to watch you from afar. A thief.

She likes to steal stares from you and when you turn to her, she instantly swerves away. She doesn’t like to be found out. She’s a creature in a mystery box you are afraid to open.

She’s not the girl your eyes go to in a crowd. She will not take your breath away. She will never be the apple of your eye.

And she’ll never be the girl in the center. She was meant for the sidelines. The person your peripheral vision could see, but you never really noticed because your eyes were always focused on the center, on what was in front of you.

She’s not the girl who will impress you with the way she looks. But she will blow your mind with the way she talks, with her opinions about love and life, whether pineapple goes with pizza or not.

She is a coffee kind of girl and she would rather stay at home than go out to party. She will amuse you with the way she thinks. Her mind is complex and in her blood runs spontaneity, she is basically made of fire.

She’s the underrated girl in every chick flick you watch. She may look boring at first, but it takes time to really get to know her. And it’s not cliché, because unlike in the movies, this girl is still the invisible girl. No makeovers. No revisions.

She will simply be the girl subjected to people’s stares. Not because she’s pretty, but because of what she wears.

She’s the girl who’s not easy to love. She overthinks a lot. She’s a ticking time bomb.

She’s nervous and spontaneous all at once. She’ll drive you crazy.

But this girl, she comes with a warning. She’s this girl your mother warned you about. The girl who will make your senses go into overdrive.

Her looks won’t say it all, but wait until you know her. Her laugh will intoxicate you for days. And her quirks will make you want to cage her in your arms.

She may not have the prettiest face, but she’s the girl who will make you realize that not all beauty comes with perfection. She’s the girl who will short-circuit your mind.

She’ll be the reason behind your hangover for weeks.

You thought that she was replaceable. You will try to find her in other people but you can’t. Because she’s one of a kind. She’s the nourishment that feeds your soul.

And maybe that’s where she belongs — far away. Because, like stars, she shines bright, even when she’s a million light years away. She’s not easy to reach, but she burns bright.

She’s the light that will guide you home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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