10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Melancholic

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Dating a melancholic person is like taking medications. There would be times of uncertainty. You don’t know if it’s still treating you or if it’s killing you.

First, she will always get sad even in the happiest situations. Sometimes she will frown and no one could decipher why because no one could understand her even her own self.

Second, she’ll always feel so much even with so little.

Third, she will always talk about her condition, it’ll piss you off but it’ll never stop her. You will always see her crying and you will hate it. You’ll anger her but it’ll never lull her because the demons inside her head are much bigger than the angels you have.

Fourth, like the waves in the ocean, she’s temperamental and rigid at all times. But there will be times where she’ll be serene and you swore these moments are best ones you could ever think.

Fifth, being with her is just like holding a golden glass. You need to be careful at all times fearing she might get broken in just a slip. She’s fragile and she gets hurt even in the littlest things you say which brings me to…..

Sixth, sensitivity is another name for her and she will always give meaning in everything you do. Everything. On how your eyes shine every time you look at her, how your eyebrows meet every time you get mad, on how you said ‘night’ to her instead of ‘good night’, on how you prefer drinking coffee instead of your favorite tea, on how you talk to her in her sleep, on how you compliment her when she had a new hairstyle to try on, on how you slowly drift to her when you got so much weary about her, on how you shouted at her when she reached your limits, on how you packed your things as you push her away from you. She hugged you and begged you to stay but your ears never heard the decibels of sound waves as she cried in your shoulders.

Seventh, even when you got tired of her, she will never get tired of chasing you because that what she does, she understands and still love you even she’ll get nothing in return. She’ll fight even she’s the only one fighting.

Eight, she will still pursue you even after countless times of turning her down. Rejection is a specialty she have memorized. Persistence is a skill that she has mastered for years.  So don’t be shocked when you see her at your doorstep pleading you to talk to her.

Ninth, and when she gets tired, you will question why she stopped. You thought she’s a fighter but you will realize the fight’s over and you’re the loser because

Tenth, you left her and wasted a spontaneous girl who did nothing but to love you with her heart out and will do everything for you.

But it’s okay because they deserve someone better. Someone who won’t leave them and stay with them till the end. Someone who would treat them like their favorite thing in this world, someone who would love her just like he loves himself sometimes even more. Someone who could do everything for love even fighting for it. Someone who would understand and not just listen. Someone who would see her at her weakest and still love her despite all the horrors he experienced with him. Someone who is brave. Brave enough to face all the consequences because dating a melancholic person is just like facing an outmost battle with only passion as a weapon and patience as a shield.

So are you willing to be a soldier? Or you’ll retreat as an option? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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