8 Things Women Do That Men Consider To Be ‘Psycho’

Shutterstock / Vladimir Arndt
Shutterstock / Vladimir Arndt

Psycho chicks are a guy’s worst nightmare. In fact, many men have built-in psycho radars, letting them spot a single woman who’s needy, desperate or crazy a mile away. Here’s some of the weird behaviors that could land you in the nutty bracket (and 10 things guys are ACTUALLY looking for in a girl).

1. Telling A Guy You Like You Like Him A little Too Soon

As women we tend to think “future,” and we think it very quickly. We can picture the day he meets our family, gets down on one knee and the day we get to wear our favorite white dress.

Men don’t think like this. They rather think, let’s just take it one day at a time and see how it goes. If I like her I might stick around if I don’t I won’t, simple. Telling a man you are madly in love with him before he’s had the chance to process his thoughts can put you in the “she intense, full on, crazy bracket.”

2. The Demands List

My man must earn six figures, be tall dark and handsome, live in a metropolitan area, drive a BMW, and like hiking, biking and having fun. He must get on well with my parents. He must want kids, and I want him to propose within two years of meeting him. He cannot be divorced or have kids. He must know how to take care of me and what I want. Having standards is great.

Having an impossible list is not. A lengthy demand list will leave your man feeling miserable, less than and never enough. Be aware that your demand list could be what’s keeping you single — and in the psycho bracket.

3. The Danger Of Being A Changer

You found a great guy, but he’s not exactly what you want. He treats you well but doesn’t overly excite you in the bedroom and his fashion sense is a little off. But that’s OK, you can fix all of that.

Little by little, you start working on improving him, taking him shopping for new clothes, picking the right restaurants for your dates and eventually dictating ever single aspect of your relationship. Your man is jumping at your every command, afraid of messing up as your faithful servant. If he drops the ball, you explode into, you guessed it, a psycho chick.

4. The Killer Text

Great first date. Great second date. You like him, and you felt you both hit it off. He’s a good person, but now he’s started to get inconsistent and you feel him pulling away. You don’t understand why he hasn’t contacted you. So you text him. No reply. You call him. No reply. You just want an explanation so you attend his soccer match to get some answers. He ignores you.

Now you send the “killer” text: “Where are you? What did I do wrong? I thought we had something? Why didn’t you call me? Can we meet just once and work it out?” Can you say “psycho”? He’s not interested. Move on.

5. The Obsessive Thinking Disease

He’s on your mind morning, noon and night. You’ve told everyone that you think you have met “the one.” You get really excited when he texts or calls. In fact, you’re only happy when you hear from him.

Your obsession turns into insecurity, and you start to question how much he likes you, if he likes you at all? You constantly wonder about his whereabouts and who’s he’s with. And your start questioning everything he says and does. Is that psycho behavior creeping in? I think so.

6. He’s Heard From Other People How Much You’re Into Him

You have no idea where your new relationship is going, but you’re telling everyone how in love you are. He has heard this through the grapevine from many sources. His friends are starting to rag him, and his embarrassment at the unnecessary attention has turned to anger. Now he just wants to get rid of you because you have caused him so much humiliation.

7. You Fall Apart In Front Of Him All The Time

Men aren’t stupid, and neither are women. We both know when you like us. Some signs are obvious: You fall apart in front of us. You say dumb things that make us cringe. You laugh loudly at our jokes. The fact that you can’t keep it together in front of him makes him want to run away. Your awkwardness is unattractive. It makes you look needy and desperate, not cute.

8. When He Pulls Away You Chase

If there is ever an opportunity to look desperate it’s chasing a man. Men hate it. It’s is masculine energy, and it’s aggressive behavior. Straight men are attracted to the soft, kind, fun energy of a sexy woman.

Guys don’t feel like they have won the grand prize if the prize just appears without any effort or investment on his part. Men think you’re a psycho when you chase.

There is nothing fun about being branded as a psycho chick just from a few innocent acts that got a little out of control. After all, we’re all humans and make the odd mistake from time to time. Don’t let that make you feel bad, every woman has a little psycho in her. What is wrong with that! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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