10 Dead Giveaways That Prove He Truly Doesn’t Give A Shit About You

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Andrew Ly

“If you’re reading this, it’s too late.”

The notion is already spinning around in your head. Now you’re seeking confirmation that he simply doesn’t give a shit about you, so, here you go.


The only time you hear from him is after dark, and it’s always something flirty.


You’re the one always making plans to hang out. He’s not putting forth any effort to see you or chat.


He treats you the same way he treats his other friends. Sure, he may have been romantic at first, but how about now? If he felt differently about you he would treat you likewise.


He never sleeps over. Ever. He will toss out any and every excuse to avoid it.


He’s constantly on his phone when you’re together.


When you tell him something important he never seems to remember it. This is because he isn’t listening to you. He doesn’t care.


You wonder why he never asks about your day-to-day life and/or how things are going. The answer is simple: he has no interest in getting to know you better.


He disclaims your emotions, acting as if you are ridiculous for feeling a certain way about anything. Your feelings do not matter.


You are not on his list of priorities. It doesn’t matter how many hours he works or how “busy” he is, if he wanted to make time for you, he would.


Everything is your fault. If you mention the fact that you haven’t spoken in weeks, he will somehow find a way to make you feel like the guilty party.

Here’s what you must understand- men are incredibly simple creatures. If he doesn’t act like he cares about you, it’s because he doesn’t. It’s that easy. The more you entertain his bullshit, the longer it will continue and leave you emotionally drained. If he likes you, he will show you. If he wants to spend time with you, he will. If he wants to talk to you, he will text you. Don’t blame yourself for his cowardice or for liking him enough to give him the benefit of the doubt. As Drake would say, “know yourself, know your worth”. Take that beautiful heart of yours and tell that fool to kick rocks. And one day, he will understand what a complete and utter idiot he was for letting you go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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