13 Life Lessons I Hope My Little Sister Learns From Me

13 Life Lessons I Hope My Little Sister Learns From Me
Amos Bar Zeev

1. Being smart is cool. You’ll be looking forward to your high school reunion when your husband is a doctor you met in college while pursuing your master’s degree. #suckithaters

2. There will always be people who try to bring you down because misery loves company. Keep your head up and look right past them.

3. Your older siblings are smarter than you think they are. Listen.

4. Boys permanently suck. Stay away from them until you’re in your twenties. No one is worth compromising your future, nor the goals you’ve set.

5. Even though you’re already great at this, be yourself. I know you just rolled your eyes thinking “ugh, cliché” but it’s so incredibly true and important.

6. Wear what you want to wear, not what everyone else is wearing. Say what you think, not what others think you should or want to hear.

7. Spend time with your friends, and when you sense a “snake in the grass”, life delete that person for eternity. I guarantee you won’t see them again after you graduate.

8. Get off your cellphone. You’d be amazed by how much you learn by simply watching for body language cues. As a matter of fact, 55% of communication is established via body language, so pay attention.

9. Don’t put your faith in trusting what people tell you. Actions are everything, I promise.

10. Make friends with the kids who aren’t cool. You never know the difference you can make or the impact they may have on your life.

11. Trust your gut. Regardless of age, peer pressure will exist. Never lose sight of your own morals and values.

12. It’s okay to make mistakes, we all do and it’s how we learn. However, never make the same mistake twice.

13. Always know that your big sister loves you more than you’ll ever know. You’ll always be a priority and I’ll always have your back. And as you know, if you need me to, I will cut someone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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