Loving More Is Your Strength Not A Weakness

Alejandra Quiroz

Whenever you get in a new relationship, it’s common to feel that small sense of unbalance. It could be that your partner needs time to adjust themselves or feel comfortable with you as a whole.

However, months and sometimes years might pass but their behavior goes unchanged. Deep down inside there’s a gut-wrenching feeling that something doesn’t click and it will be only a matter of time until it becomes clear – Your partner doesn’t love you the same way you love them.

How could it be? You’d move mountains to be with them, take a bullet for them, marry them within the course of weeks if they accepted. You’re unfamiliar with the concept of the honeymoon phase, because no matter how long you’ve been together, your feelings barely changed, if anything, they grew stronger.

Yet somehow they’re still figuring it out whether they want to spend the rest of their lives with you. You know it’s not their fault, people have their own time and if they weren’t nice you would probably never had touched them just to begin with.

But you will suffer, no doubt that’s a source of anguish and wrath. You will find yourself wondering why is it that you’re not good enough for them, what is it that you lack? The feeling of impending doom and imminent failure at finding someone who lives up to your vibe will prevail, bitterness is just around the corner.

But love is a game nobody wants to lose, and thoughts of reinvention will give you the illusion of a new beginning. For once, you might actually get lucky and find yourself in a relationship where they love you more, but that’s probably not going to last. The experience of being in the receiving end is alien.

Just the idea of spending time with someone you can’t give your best to is unbearable, it doesn’t feel like real love, no matter how hard you try. You’ll realize were born to be a giver. Every relationship so far had this dynamic for a reason and lowering your standards didn’t work either. The truth is you were cursed by whoever dictates the rules in the universe.

However, as corny as it sounds, if life gives you lemons you make a lemonade.

Now they say the ones who love less have the upper hand in every relationship. I’m inclined to disagree and whereas it might be easier for them to leave and get over it, they will probably never find someone who’s willing to put the same amount of effort you did in a relationship. They won’t know what they’re missing until you’re gone.

Unlike them, you were blessed with the fact you can connect to people on a much deeper level, to become infatuated with every single detail of their nature, no matter how small.

You were blessed with the fact every single relationship you have will be with the one, even if they get away in the end. You learn to see people through their actions instead of words, you start respecting them according to how bad they want something and how hard they try to get it, regardless of the results.

It might take years to get over that special somebody, falling in love might happen once in a blue moon yet every time that happens, it’s going to be with every single fiber of your heart. You’re attentive, caring, genuine, respectful and proactive, unlike them, that’s not easy to replace.

You’re that one mythological creature every other Hollywood chick flick sells as the ultimate lover, you’re the one most people are daydreaming about whether they’re single or crying in bed upon learning their current relationship is doomed. You’re the rock in people’s lives yes you are.

So why not to empower yourself by embracing this aspect of your soul? Love comes to you naturally even when it’s unbalanced or unrequited. It takes just a second to look around and realize that’s a good thing.

While most people are complaining they can’t fall in love or find someone to settle down with, you already have so much to spare that nobody will be able to complain about what’s lacking.

People enjoy having it easy and loving less is convenient for those who want the benefits without compromising. There will always be that one cynical partner attempting to haggle with you, they will claim enjoying and missing your company should be enough to keep it going, that they just need more time. As long as you’re unaware of your self-worth you remain an easy prey for them.

As every attempt to find a lover who could fill your needs have failed so far, you’re prone to have to become self-conscious and understand only you can give yourself that same amount of attention and time. From now, love yourself as much as you love other people and by doing so, you’ll realize you have a gift, so you get to dictate who’s worth sharing it with.

The sooner you appropriate that in the dating game you’re not a beggar but the actual pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the happier your love life will be. You have a talent and the opportunity to learn not only how to develop self-love but also the potential to make your significant other fall head over heels in love with you – Nobody likes feeling incapable, therefore, they will find a way to try and balance things out if they really want to stick together.

Love is an eternal journey of personal growth, even if they never get there (and they probably will not), you’re on the right path. You know exactly where to touch them and in a world where everybody wants the best, only a loser would give up on someone like you.

You have a gold chest, so open it up for those you believe would handle it wisely. And even if that’s a lot of treasure at first, let time and their actions be the judge to whether they deserve to be enriched or not. Filling this role is becoming the epitome of love as it embodies dedication, forgiveness, honesty, respect, and selflessness.

The ones who love more boost their partners lives by making it special in ways they never deemed possible. Even if they decide the relationship doesn’t work anymore, you will be able to reassure yourself by comprehending you did your best from the very beginning to the end.

And that should be all that matters, not everybody is able to experience how much you shine, but there’s always someone else who could, someone who will be grateful and gladly invest their energy to keep up with your pace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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