The 22 Mini Heartbreaks Everybody Has Experienced At Some Point

Dahan Remy

Human beings are flawed by nature and will probably break your heart at some point, even if you’re not in a romantic relationship with them. Whether those incidents are intentional or not, it doesn’t really matter because you might still beat yourself for hours, maybe even days trying to figure out what just happened before finally letting go. Here follows a full list with twenty-two of the most relatable ones:

1. Every time you spot an attractive stranger walking down the street but you’re somehow invisible to them.

2. Every time that person you know very well walks down the street but pretends you’re invisible.

3. Every time that stranger arrives to the meeting and greets everybody in the group except for you.

4. Every time a friend comes up with the same plan you have for the weekend, but unlike when you shared, this time it’s actually greeted with enthusiasm.

5. Every time your friends have plans for the weekend but forget to include you.

6. Every time they get distracted and ask “I’m sorry, what is it that were you saying?” just as you were ranting about something you’re really passionate about for five minutes.

7. Every time another person joins the conversation and you automatically become the third wheel.

8. Every time they say you’re funny even though you mean to be serious.

9. Every time you’re the last one to be picked for the team or a group assignment.

10. Every time they say you look exactly like that one ugly person.

11. Every time you stop texting them first just to know how long it takes until they initiate a conversation, just to realize they will never do so.

12. Every time you get the opportunity to reconnect with that old friend you haven’t seen in ages, just to realize they don’t care about you anymore.

13. Every time you hear these words “I really like you, but…”

14. Every time they unfollow you on social media for no reason.

15. Every time they hang up or finish the call first.

16. Every time you post a sexy picture just to boost your own confidence but it doesn’t get enough likes.

17. Every time they ask for a sexy picture but ghost you right after receiving it.

18. Every time you’re in the mood for sex and turn the lights down low, but your SO doesn’t really feel like it at the moment.

19. Every time your SO talks about a past relationship as if they’re not over it yet.

20. Every time you just feel like running home after a long day and cuddling with your SO in order to wind down, but they need some “me time.”

21. Every time that person you care about the most forgets about your birthday.

22. Every time you realize you will never receive as much as you’re used to give. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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