Help! My Pet Is Psychic: 13 People Share Stories Of Their Pet's Supernatural Behavior

Help! My Pet Is Psychic: 13 People Share Stories Of Their Pet’s Supernatural Behavior

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1. My friend’s cat jumped in my lap…three years after it died.

“When I was in elementary school I was visiting my friend’s house. I was sitting in her basement by myself watching TV, she had gone up to get a snack. While she was gone I was greeted by a kitty. She jumped on my lap, rubbed her face on me and then disappeared somewhere in the house. My friend comes back downstairs and I say ‘your cat is cute.’ She then preceded to tell me that she doesn’t have a cat. I said are you sure? And described how she looked. Apparently the cat that I described looked just like the cat they used to have, but it had died three years earlier.”


2. My dog buried her six premature puppies in six shallow graves in a perfect semicircle.

“When I was a child, we had a dog named Rodeo. We were poor and never spayed or neutered our pets, so naturally, she got pregnant. Tragically, she miscarried. We found her six premature puppies the next morning, in six shallow graves, right in front of her doghouse. She had given birth in the night and then buried her babies, in a perfect semicircle. That was pretty creepy.”


3. My cats went crazy at the precise moment my friend was getting killed in a car accident.

“My uncle and aunt died in a car accident when I was 11 years old. They had two cats who I ‘adopted’ (more like they adopted me) after the accident. They followed me all over the house, would curl up with only me, and would meet me when I came off the bus after school. Move on to high school a few years later and the cats are still my best friends. I dated a girl for a while and she would play with my cats, bring them cat nip toys and was just a real sweetheart towards them. I could tell they really loved spending time with her. Her dad was transferred to the Chicago area and so we broke up because of the distance. Year goes by and I am laying on my bed, reading a book with my cats next to me. All of a sudden both cats jump up and start meowing like crazy, spinning in circles while looking up at a spot near my ceiling light. They had never done this before but I could tell they were agitated. They did this for about 5 minutes and eventually they relax a bit and lay down with their tails twitching, still looking around the room but not meowing anymore— just kind of a low, guttural sound. They stop after about 45 minutes and go back to being a little relaxed.

My mom got a phone call the next afternoon from a friend who knew my ex-girlfriend’s family. My ex had been killed in a car accident the night before. About a week later I realized her accident took place about ten minutes before my cats went crazy. She died in the hospital about an hour after the accident—at about the same time my cats settled down. I don’t think this was a coincidence.”


4. Quite literally every night at 3AM, our dog gets up and does an inspection of all the rooms. Not before 3AM, and not after.

“We have a dog—I mentioned him in my other posts. We spoil him a lot, too. He used to sleep outside, but after a few days of rainy nights in August, we allowed him to sleep inside. Additionally, he barks at practically everything that passes in front of our house at night, so to shut him up, we kept him in.

We used to have a collar and a leash to keep him in place at night—he once knocked over a table and nibbled on my sister’s phone when he wasn’t tied down. But he didn’t like being alone at night downstairs. He used to wake us all up with his whining. We thought he just didn’t like being tied down, or wanted to be with us upstairs. Finally, I relented and brought him upstairs to sleep—no collar, no leash. It stopped the whining.

But here’s the thing. Quite literally every night at 3AM, our dog gets up and does an inspection of all the rooms. Not before 3AM, and not after. Our bedroom doors are always open, so he has free access all around. If he happens to be sleeping on someone’s bed, he gets restless (waking up the person), and wants to be let down. Due to a small accident when he was a puppy, our dog is afraid of jumping down from places, even the small gap from the bed to the floor. But at 3AM, like clockwork, he wakes up. When we do let him down, he goes from room to room, then sleeps in the doorway of my parents’ room.

It’s happened every night that we could observe him. We started bringing him upstairs early September. I don’t know what happens in our house at 3AM, but several times, when we do ‘catch him in the act,’ he looks at the doorway of the room (whoever owns the room he happens to be in would wonder what the hell he’s doing), then stares at the person looking at him, then at the doorway again.”


5. My cat started hissing at an animal I was hallucinating.

“First, a bit of back story. On occasion I experience visual hallucinations. Sometimes I see small orbs of light, sometimes I see animals, a black dog appears most often, and sometimes I will see a person. Excepting the orbs, my hallucinations appear normal. The dog looks like a regular dog, a fluffy grey cat looks like any fluffy grey cat. It is only their presence in an unlikely environment, such as sparrows flitting through my bedroom or a dog that I do not own traipsing through my apartment, that indicates to me that they are hallucinations.

Shortly after moving to a new house I began seeing a small and white animal, about the size of a small cat, darting from room to room. I saw it near daily, some days more than once. Initially I assumed it was just another hallucination of a cat, nothing too out of the ordinary for me, and that the increased frequency of my hallucinations could be put down to the stress of moving.

I was thrown when I finally saw it clearly for the first time. Unlike previous hallucinations, it looked like no animal I’ve ever seen. Its body was thin and too elongated for a cat and its face was…horrific, like something from a nightmare. Its mouth contained far too many teeth and its eyes were angry dark slits. It hissed and scuttled away after a moment, but I continued to see it multiple times a week for several months.

One day I went into the pantry in the unfinished partial basement and was greeted by my toothy friend, who hissed and snarled at me. I stopped in my tracks. I knew it wasn’t real, but that did little to quell the fear and dread that this thing inspired. Then one of my cats came bounding down the basement stairs and the hallucination slipped through a narrow opening in the concrete wall separating the pantry from the rest of the basement. My cat ran straight for the same hole and darted through. My heart was in my throat as I sprinted to the corner of the basement where the hole led. When I got there I saw the toothy creature backing into the crawl space portion of the basement. It was still hissing and spitting and its beady eyes were fixed on my cat, who was puffed up and growling as it slowly moved towards the creature. I’m not sure how long I stood there watching as my cat exchanged growls and hisses with my hallucination before I screeched and bolted back upstairs.”


6. My old dog saved my dad’s life.

“My old dog always slept with my sister all the time. One night my dad was just sitting in the living room and my dog just sat out there staring at him instead of sleeping with my sister. My dad said he was sleeping out there and he heard a female voice tell him to get up or he was going to die. He assumes it was a grandmother or something. He went to the hospital and had a blood clot in his heart, one in his lungs and two in one leg. He’s all right now. And my old dog always slept with my sister again. That was the only time she didn’t.”

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7. Either our house is haunted, or our dog is possessed.

“My boyfriend and I swear our house is haunted. And if it isn’t, then our dog is possessed. This has happened a few times but I remember one very clearly because it was far worse than the others. She has a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and growling at our doorway. I usually shrug it off as she growls at the slightest creak in the wood. But this night she woke up at 3:33 am on the dot. Growled loud enough that she starting drooling and snarling. She was up on all fours with her head lowered, looking at the doorway. I nudged her and told her to knock it off but she persisted. After about 5 minutes of this, the TV service cuts out. (We sleep with it on for noise) but it went out and cut to static. At this time my dog lowered herself to the bed lying flat, pulled her ears back and whined. Then she slowly moved her head from the doorway to the TV as if something was walking into the room. The TV shut off as she fixated her gaze upon it. I noped the fuck out, pulled my comforter over my head and refused to look around until it was daylight.”


8. My cats got injured in a fight with some invisible creature.

“When I was a kid, we had three cats; Sydney, a male Siamese who was 16 in human years when this happened; Little Bear (Bear), a female Maine Coon who was 4 in human years; and Gray, a male American shorthair who had wandered into our house one day and made himself at home, who we started calling “that gray cat” (Which quickly became Gray).

One night, when I was 13, I woke up in the middle of the night and found all three cats, on my bed, staring at a dark corner. Our cats had vaguely learned what certain words meant, so I attempted to ask what was wrong. They continued staring at the corner, never taking their eyes off it.

Suddenly, their eyes began to slowly inch closer toward them, as if whatever they were looking at had moved. Sydney lashed out a paw at whatever it was, followed by Bear and Gray doing the same. When Bear attempted to bring her arm back, it seemed to be stuck, like something grabbed it. Gray and Sydney swiped again and her paw was freed.

Eventually, I heard what sounded like large footsteps begin darting out of the room, Sydney and Gray in hot pursuit while Bear stayed on the bed and sat next to me. The next morning, Sydney and Gray returned, and Sydney had a little bit of his ear taken off (which is something that I came to associate with him for a long time).

I dunno what happened, and I don’t want to.

TL;DR: Cats went crazy at something in my room, one got grabbed, two chased whatever it was out and came back the next morning with some missing bits of ear.”


9. My girlfriend’s cat screamed out my girlfriend’s name.

“My girlfriend and I were sleeping one night in her room when I awaken to the sound of her cat scratching and howling at her bedroom door. I ignored it at first, but then it sounded like she was trying to say her name. It came out ‘AAAAH-MEH-LEEEH!’ and she just kept on saying it. I woke her up and told her and she totally just shrugged it off and went back to sleep and I pretty much just sat up in terror for about 5 minutes before she stopped and I went back to bed. It was kinda cute and touching to hear her say her name, but definitely more so creepy.”


10. My dog has a habit of staring into one corner of our living room, sometimes barking at it.

“I don’t know if this counts as scary, but when my dog was younger she was always friendly (I’m putting this in past tense because she is an old grouch now) and would happily approach anyone who came into our house. But one day a guy that my brother worked with had come over to our house while it was just me and my mother at home. As soon as my dog saw him, her hair stood on end, she took a defense position and started viciously barking at him. We kept telling her to stop, but she wouldn’t let up. She is a small dog, but she looked so intimidating that the guy ended up leaving. A few months later, no word of a lie, he was arrested for several counts of rape.

Other than that, she had a habit of staring into one corner of our living room, sometimes barking at it.”


11. I had dreams about a ginger cat scratching me until I finally met that ginger cat, and it scratched me.

“When I was about six I had a nightmare in which a ginger cat clawed me from its vantage point on a brick wall, after I put my hand out to fuss it (I am unsure whether it was just a nightmare, or a nightmare after an actual clawing from a cat at a younger age…it was frightening because it felt inevitable and at the same time had the reflexive shock of being hit aggressively). At age eight, I saw a cat on a brick wall, and I put my hand out to fuss it and got thoroughly cat-clawed. I was pretty pissed off at myself for not remembering that I’d dreamed it and, to my young logic, should have known it would happen ‘again’. Somewhere around age 15, I have the nightmare again, this time including a feeling of deja vu.

On my way to college at age seventeen, I see a ginger cat on a brick wall. I put my hand out to fuss it, and it lets me. But I am flooded with deja vu again and ‘know’ that this is the incident in which I am supposed to be/have been scratched. I have the nightmare a couple more times after that and each time it wakes me up, although it shouldn’t be that scary now I’m older.

Somewhere in my twenties, my friend moves to a new part of town, and I walk over to visit, and I see a ginger cat on a red brick wall. In a weird state of confusion, I reach out to fuss it and it scratches me. I walk away knowing that this is the cat that scratched me at the time it scratched me in the place it scratched me … and all the other dreams/cat encounters were echoes.

I haven’t seen ‘that’ ginger cat since.”


12. My dog started barking into the darkness after we summoned a spirit on the Ouija board.

“As a teenager my best friend would come over and play the Ouija board with me. One day we decided to play at his house and we ‘summoned’ a spirit of a little boy named John. We thought nothing and ended the game. My bf walked me home. When we got to my place we decided to play again. We did this outside. My dog, Lucky, joined us; laid at my feet while we played. Well, we summoned a spirit. Asked for his name and we starting spelling J-O-H-N. Right when we were at the ‘N,’ Lucky jolts up and starts barking into the darkness of a long empty corridor. He goes crazy, as if he was about to attack. Lucky never ever barked, he was the most docile Shih-Tzu you’d ever meet. This night though, he was on attack mode. My best friend and I immediately stop and burned the board. We never played again. A lot of other freaky shit happened, I lived across the street from a cemetery.”


13. My cats kept seeing ghosts, so we moved out.

“My husband and I used to live in an apartment in an old mansion that we were sure was haunted. After about a month of living there I adopted a cat from the humane society, and from the moment we got her home she acted strangely. First we thought it was because she was adjusting to her new environment, then we decided it was because she was abused in her old home, but when we got a new kitten a couple of months later the new cat started acting exactly the same. They would hide in the bathroom, anywhere they could find, between the vanity and the wall, between the curtain and liner on the shower, on the bottom shelf of the closet when the door wasn’t properly closed, anywhere. They both liked to hide under the furniture in the living room as well. So much that when we tried to get them out, or moved the furniture, they would run and hide under something else.

The kitchen, however, they refused to go in. We had to move their food bowl to the very edge of the tile floor so they could eat. There was a large walk-in closet in the hallway, and they loved to go in there, sometimes getting stuck in there for hours and not meowing once. But the smaller closet in the bedroom, they refused to go in. Even if the door was open and one of us was standing in it, they would just stay outside.

The creepiest thing they did, and this happened at least a couple of times a night, is that we’d be in our bedroom, laying or sitting in bed and the cats would be wandering around the room or cuddling with us, when suddenly both of them at the same time would freeze, stare at the same unseen thing near the ceiling, then take off out of the room. Needless to say we broke our lease and moved out as soon as we had the opportunity. All of these things they’ve ceased doing since we moved into our new home. They still hide out under the couch but come out willingly when we stick a hand under, and they’re open to going into every room in the house.”

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