19 Ways Women Have It Easier (According To 19 Men)

19 Ways Women Have It Easier (According To 19 Men)
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1. Longevity privilege.

“Generally live longer and look younger.”


2. Crying privilege.

“It would be neat if it were more socially acceptable to cry. Also, having a longer life expectancy seems alright.”


3. Emotional privilege.

“Showing feelings. I started typing this and deleted it three times.”


4. Weight privilege.

“Women typically get bigger breasts as they gain weight, whereas my dick looks smaller and smaller the fatter I get.”


5. Hair privilege.

“It would have been nice to not have a receding hairline in my 20s.”


6. Clothing privilege.

“1st floor, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories

2nd floor, women’s casual clothing

3rd floor, women’s formal and bridal

4th floor, lingerie, sport and swimwear,

basement, left corner, menswear.”


7. Dating privilege.

“Women don’t have to actively pursue a partner (in most of) so they don’t have to take that first awkward step in meeting partners

Since i have confidence issues, It would be nice if women came up to me and introduced themselves.”


8. Sex work privilege.

“Getting paid decent wages for masturbation online.”


9. Laziness privilege.

“If a girl ever chose to be lazy and not work a day in her life, she could. Guys don’t have that luxury.

A girl, as long as she’s under 250 pounds and doesn’t have some crazy birth defect or something, will always be able to find a guy who is fine with having a gf/wife who doesn’t work, so long as she has sex with him and occasionally cooks and cleans, the dude will be ok with it. Dudes will pay all your bills, buy you presents, etc. If you have a vagina then that is your pass to be lazy for life.

That’s why I’m so proud of my girlfriend, she’s the most hardworking person I know, and even though she could’ve just gone through life doing nothing, she went to college, graduated and is now making more money per year than I am.”


10. They get great big bouncy tips.

“Tips. Women get a lot more tips than us guy bartenders. Even women tip other women more.”


11. They don’t get laughed at for being rape victims.

“It’d be nice if I didn’t get laughed at for being a victim of sexual assault. I’ve also had multiple women tell me outright that I was lying because it’s impossible to rape a man. Women, how would you feel if you said you were raped and people tried to high five you?”


12. They can approach the opposite sex and not be considered a ‘creep.’

“That they can approach the opposite sex and not be considered a ‘creep’ and get embarrassed if that person doesn’t find them attractive.”


13. Free pass during wartime.

“Not being shipped off to fight wars you couldn’t give a fuck about.”


14. If you’re an attractive woman, you can get so many things for free.

“If you’re an attractive woman, you can get so many things for free, free drinks, free food, free entry into parties, etc.”


15. They can be financially supported by the opposite sex without shame.

“There’s no shame in a woman being financially supported by a man. However the opposite is not true.”


16. Women on average have a wider and stronger personal support system than men.

“The amount of resources available of you’ve fallen on hard times. There far more public and private resources available to women, not to mention women on average have a wider and stronger personal support system than men. In my city, the overwhelming majority of our homeless population is male, yet there are far more women’s only shelters and public resources that are for women only. When you’re a woman people want to take care of you, whereas men who need help are seen as failures, leeches, or scammers. I’m speaking in generalities of course, this isn’t true for every individual. But as a man it’s a bit terrifying that, other than my parents, there are very few resources that are available.”


17. They can hold someone’s baby and not be seen as strange or creepy.

“Man here, I wish I was able to ask to hold someone’s baby and not be seen as strange or creepy. It’s acceptable for women to ask to hold babies or even go out of their way to hold babies, but not really that way for men…bummer since babies are adorable.”


18. No one comments on a dude looking good.

“No one comments on a dude looking good. You post an awesome picture of yourself on Facebook? Unless your a girl, you’ll get zero compliments. In the rare case of someone (besides my mother) saying that I look good, I think they have some other agenda or something.”


19. Genital abuse against them isn’t considered hilarious.

“Male here. I can’t understand why inflicting reproductive harm on men is supposed to be funny. In every kid’s movie, someone gets kicked in the nuts in the name of comedy. How is this acceptable?”

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