34 Things Only Beautiful People Can Get Away With

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1. Being an asshole.

“Being an asshole.”


2. Stalking.

“Stalking. It’s only called stalking when you’re ugly. If you’re beautiful it’s being persistent.”


3. Saying you’re ugly.

“Saying you’re ugly. If you’re actually ugly you just end up making everyone uncomfortable. If you’re beautiful people tend to fall all over themselves trying to reassure you that you’re beautiful.”


4. Being quiet/introverted.

“Being quiet/introverted.

If you’re attractive, then you’re ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’ or ‘reserved”.

If you’re ugly, then you’re ‘awkward’ or ‘creepy’ or ‘have no life.’”


5. Making a lot of eye contact or smiling at a stranger.

“Making a lot of eye contact or smiling at a stranger.”


6. Being polite to the opposite sex.

“Weirdly, being polite to the opposite sex. I’m generally a very polite and friendly person. When I was fat men would constantly go out of their way to make sure I knew they had no interest even though I hadn’t given any hint at being interested and was already in a relationship. Now that I’ve lost weight everyone’s a LOT nicer.”


7. Having a shitty personality.

“I am sure more good-looking people get away with shit personalities.”


8. Cheating.

“Not a popular opinion, but from watching drama within my friend group, cheating. Average guy cheats, girl dumps him and never thinks about his sorry ass again. Hot guy cheats, girl says it’s over but is dating him again within a month or 2. probably not many people would admit it, they’ll all say cheating is unacceptable regardless of looks, but as far as I’ve seen, their actions tell another story.”


9. Sending nudes.

“Sending nudes.”


10. Sending nudes.

“Sending nudes.”


11. Being dumb.

“Being dumb. If you’re attractive, society is ok with you being dumb. If you’re ugly, then you’re expected to be smart. If you’re not, then you’re trash/low-life/drug addict/alcoholic/deadbeat/etc. I’ve known plenty of ugly people who weren’t smart but were truly awesome people, and I’ve known incredibly beautiful people who were dumb and absolute garbage. Also known ugly, smart people who were trash and beautiful smart people who were trash…seems like we’re getting away from this trend little by little especially with the prevalence of the interwebs, but growing up it was horrible to be unattractive and dumb.

Also, socially acceptable to offer a blow job for a promotion if you’re hot, but being a 29 year old overweight man, my boss freaks out when I offer head for promotions. He needs to get his shit together. Lol”


12. Posting selfies all the time.

“Posting selfies all the time.”


13. Asking for favors.

“Asking for favors. If you are considered beautiful than you might be giving a hint. If you are considered ugly than you might be giving a desperate hint. Oh I forgot I am a woman, so asking questions and favors are always giving a hint. It just the desperation that is measured.”


14. Being stupid.

“Being stupid. The amount of hot chicks I know who have ‘dumb-blonded’ themselves into free tires, expensive bags, and free cab rides is fucking astounding. And most of them know exactly what they’re doing and most people can usually see through the act themselves. They just don’t care cause…she hot.”


15. Being uneducated.

“Being uneducated. No matter how idiotic you may sound/look, long as you are beautiful, someone will listen/not ridicule you. Example: Beauty pageants.”


16. Being a nerd.

“Anything ‘nerd culture.’ Like actual nerd culture like playing MTG, DnD, watching anime. Girls arent going to care if a decent looking guy does any o that, but they will hard stereotype a dude if hes overweight and/or doesn’t take good care of himself.”


17. Bothering people who are reading.

“Bothering people who are reading. After years of sitting in coffee shops reading, I realized I was curt with anyone who tried to engage me in conversation, unless they were an attractive girl.”


18. Crime.

“Being a criminal sometimes!

I remember when that ‘beautiful convict’ guy was floating around the internet for a while.”


19. Bragging.

“To give a somewhat serious answer, boasting of your prowess.

People are psychologically more inclined to believe someone good looking is skillful at whatever they’re claiming to good at, despite no evidence. In fact there’s something called the ‘halo effect’ that says along with beauty come all sorts of other positive characteristics. We have a tendency to think beautiful people are funnier, more friendly, more intelligent, more exciting, in possession of better social skills, are sexually warmer, are more interesting, poised and even more independent.”


20. Farting in public.

“This super hot girl farted once in my high school class. People thought it was hilarious and some of the football players hugged her and thought it was awesome. Later that year in English Class an overweight girl let a ripper go and was mocked and ridiculed and was told she was disgusting.”


21. Being weird.

“Being weird.

People will tolerate a great deal of weirdness, strangeness and psycho behaviour from an attractive person, whereas these traits would be unforgivable in an ugly person.

There was a social experiment conducted where a catfish profile of a beautiful blonde was created. When guys talked to her the catfishers responded with the most weird, bizzarre, off-the-wall, creepy answers but guys still kept pursuing.

People will tolerate a lot of weirdness if it comes alongside hotness.”


22. Winking seductively.

“Winking seductively, I would say. I do agree with others though—just about everything is socially unacceptable if you’re ugly.”


23. Being socially forward.

“Being socially forward. Interrupting people while talking, hitting on people, giving unsolicited advice, etc. Being attractive gives you an automatic +4 to charisma.”


24. Being lazy/unemployed or working a shit job.

“Being lazy/unemployed or working a shit job. Attractive people tend to get the ‘he/she is finding their way in life’ excuse, as though the only reason they’re working at KFC is to afford their modelling/sports career. Others just get ‘he/she needs to stop being so fat and lazy and get a real job. I bet he/she eats all the chicken and has no friends etc. etc.’ People are judgemental bastards.”


25. Narcissism/shallowness.


There’s a ton of vitriol directed at unattractive women who spend a lot of time on their appearance. ‘Putting makeup on a pig.’ Unless you’re naturally attractive, there’s this idea that you shouldn’t even bother trying to look nice because ‘who do you think you’re fooling, you’ll always be ugly so just accept in your ugliness.’ You see it a lot directed at heavy women on this site. Because other people don’t find you attractive, people feel like you don’t deserve to feel or find yourself attractive.

Meanwhile hot girls can spent an inordinate amount of time on their appearance and documenting their appearance with very little pushback. People like looking at them, so its ok they like looking at themselves so much too.”


26. Sexual assault.

“I’m not seeing this listed so I’ll go ahead and say it: sexual assault.

When someone who’s attractive goes way too far, it’s frequently taken as a compliment, laughed off, or just not spoken of again, and if you take issue with it and tell someone, they’re a hell of a lot less likely to believe you and/or try to talk you out of it/convince you it wasn’t as bad as you’re making it seem.

If an ugly person grabs your crotch or your boob, or smacks your ass in a bar, or doesn’t take no for an answer, it’s sexual assault and nobody questions you and everyone immediately rallies around you and agrees the person is bad.

I once had an outrageously hot girlfriend who didn’t stop when I said to. We were in the drivers seat of a car and I was pinned between my seat and the steering wheel on top of me, and I wasn’t wearing a condom. I was shoving at her and yelling, but I had no room to move my legs at all and had basically no physical leverage in that position. So she held me down and got what she wanted. I hated it.

Yes, female-on-male rape is a real thing.

I told her she raped me and she laughed in my face. Meanwhile I’m over here like ‘I don’t know if I just got this crazy bitch pregnant, also how the fuck did she just remove my personal agency.’

It was horrible and confusing and disorienting, because it’s hard for men to really process the idea that it can happen to us too.

When I started telling people, at least 3/4 of them didn’t believe me or blatantly didn’t take me seriously in any way at all. Several simply changed the subject. The consensus was ‘You’re whining because your hot girlfriend let you cum in her, how stupid are you?’

But if I’d told people a fat, homely friend of mine held me down and raped me, they’d have believed me with little question.

I can’t even imagine how it must be for women who get assaulted by very attractive men.

And people wonder why most victims don’t report shit, and people wonder how Cosby admitted in a deposition that he gave women Quaaludes and then fucked them but somehow got a mistrial. We live in a society where if the aggressor is hot or rich, nobody wants to believe you and the system isn’t set up to support you.”


27. Crying.


When a beautiful person is crying everyone is concerned and consoling.

Ugly people cry no one gives a shit and acts like they aren’t there.”


28. Flirting.

“I’ve noticed that when a guy customer flirts with one of the girls at my work, his level of creepiness is inversely related to how attracted they are to him.”


29. Public displays of affection.

“Public displays of affection. If two beautiful people kiss and/or make-out in a public setting very few people are going to bat an eye. It’s aesthetically pleasing, almost like a scene from a movie.

If Jabba the Hut and the Wicked Witch are making out, there’s gonna be disgust and interruption.

If you want to get a little risky with your sex life, and you get caught in the act, you’re much more likely to catch a public indecency (or worse) charge if you’re an unattractive couple.”


30. Sexual harassment.

“Handsome guy sexually harasses you: ‘OMG, Jimmy was totally into me, did you see that?’

Ugly guy says and does exact same thing in exact same way: ‘OMG what a creep! So disgusting. What a pervert!’”


31. Being clumsy or quirky.

“Being clumsy or quirky. if you’re attractive it’s ‘oh wow he/she is so quirky and interesting!’ but if you’re ugly it’s ‘what’s wrong with them?’”


32. Cursing/vulgarity.

“Cursing/vulgarity. For sure this.

Complaining about your job / circumstances / friends / income / or just complaining, period. Nobody likes a complainer, least of all an ugly one.

Sob Stories. Ties in with #2.

Being rude, even when and where it may be warranted.

Not accepting the status quo. Complaining about poor service in a restaurant, questioning why people do things a certain way, exposing hypocrisy in people / society / rules, etc.

Bad Breath. Its barely acceptable when you ARE good-looking, so if you’re ugly…big no-no.

Homelessness / Begging. Try panhandling, or just begging for something, period, when you’re considered bad-looking. I dare you. You’ll be needing therapy afterwards.

Flirting. This is covered elsewhere, no need to elaborate on this.

Just being poor, period. Ties in with #7.

I’m actually good looking, so I don’t experience this bias directly, but for sure I’ve seen this happening to ugly people. Just some things I’ve noticed.”


33. Being bubbly and immature.

“Being bubbly and immature at ages when people are getting more serious or career-driven.”


34. Pretty much anything.

“Pretty much anything. I am an ‘occasionally’ attractive man. I say this because I’ve been on both sides of the fence when it comes to getting preferential treatment… and feeling invisible. I grew up oblivious to my good fortune in the looks department. I was just me and didn’t take myself too too seriously. I kept hearing from girls and (presumably) gay men that I was cute, hot, attractive, good-looking, etc. I was completely oblivious to this, I just thought I was a regular old guy with some good features and plenty of flaws. I seriously had no idea that everyone else didn’t get treated the way I did. Girls my age would look at me at the mall and smile, clothing store employees (male and female) would compliment my eyes, women would approach me and chat me up on the street… a limo full of hot girls would say hi, and tell me the bar they were going to, etc, etc. It sounds like bragging, but I’m just trying to describe what my teens and early 20s were like. Now, fast forward 8 years and I’m 30 lbs overweight and a caricature of my former self. I feel invisible, as, people no longer want to meet me, or show me as much respect. I hit the gym hard and get fit again. I regain some semblance of my ‘old’ life and get my mojo back. People are nicer to me again, hmm.”

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