My Relative Is Evil: 13 People Share Their Horrifying Tales of Sociopathic Family Members

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1. We all knew from the start that he was a bad seed.

“My aunt has a terrible child. We all knew from the start that he was a bad seed, except for her. That was her ‘baby and he didn’t need to see a therapist or get on medication.’ Starting around 4/5, he would torture animals. His favorite was kittens. My aunt would not get her cat fixed so the cat kept having kittens. My cousin would torture all of them. The things he did to them is horrifying. I won’t post details because it will make you sick. When he was around 11 he would chase me around with a butcher knife and talk about how he wanted to slice open my stomach. The torturing of animals never stopped. My aunt never sought help for him. My aunt bought some chickens one day to raise and get their eggs. He eventually killed them and laid their heads on his sister’s pillow that spelled out the first initial of her name. All because she wouldn’t buy him, a minor, cigarettes. He is in his mid-20s now and is constantly in and out of jail. My aunt doesn’t believe in medication for mental health nor does she believe in psychiatrists. She thinks that because she is his mother, she can solve his issues. My mom and I are afraid he is going to kill her one day.”


2. He will randomly just go up and push direct strangers over or into trees/objects.

“My aunt’s kid is a complete psychopath, he’s 12 now and can barely have a single conversation with anyone, he has huge issues being around people and will randomly just go up and push direct strangers over or into trees/objects. He barely speaks a word and spends all of his time on Minecraft, his whole life is that game and trying to do anything with him that doesn’t involve this is horrible, my entire family refuses to go out in public with him and he is not invited over for Christmas.

The last time he stayed with us, feeling sorry for him but heeding my family’s warnings, I took him to the movies, he refused to change and wore his pajamas, the theater I took him to has 2 big flights of stairs (Gold railings, red carpet, ultra-nice) whilst buying tickets I turn around to see him Sparta-kick a 6-year-old down the flight of stairs and then scream and spit at the mother….I was in horror and both the mother and me froze, and he just sat there laughing. I then took him home and uninstalled Minecraft and changed the Wi-Fi password (Day 1 of 7).

The next 6 days was like watching someone coming down from heroin, with my entire family begging for me to give him the Wi-Fi password, which I refused, to which during Christmas Eve he proceeded to try light our Christmas tree on fire and break every present, luckily my Dad caught him and booted them both out of our house.

Looking at my aunt, the kid never had a chance, a product of divorced parents, with them pushing him to learn the flute and refused to take him to any outside activities, his father is constantly working, so just left him alone to play Minecraft….”


3. Thinking of her makes me want to die of shame.

“She started acting out when she was about 12 and got worse and worse. We did all kinds of therapy, private schools, rehabs. We tried everything. Her dad, her stepdad, and all of her grandparents were on board with me trying to help her. But we couldn’t keep her from sneaking out and getting in trouble unless we were willing to have someone up and watching her 24/7. It was exhausting. She’s now just turned 28. I haven’t spoken to her in about 6 months. She never changed. You can’t trust her to have a visit because she will steal from you.

I think when I realized that she was never going to change was when I bought her a plane ticket to help me move into my new place shortly after the death of her stepfather and she couldn’t be bothered to stop partying long enough to get on a plane. This was the last time I tried hard to be close with her. She was about 22 when this happened.
It’s the great tragedy of my existence. She’s my only biological child and when people ask me if I have kids I lie and say no because thinking of her makes me want to die of shame.”


4. There is something evil in her that can never be fixed.

“My aunt’s two oldest children killed her youngest child. They were 15 and 10, the victim was 6.

The older sister was the instigator, and always had been. My aunt and uncle were broke (he refuses to work and was always starting some kind of get-rich-quick business), and argued a lot and had been separated for a time, but there was no physical abuse in the home, especially not toward the kids. But the sister was always a problem, and her dad tried to control it on his own because I think they both couldn’t admit that she wasn’t just a confused kid, she was a psychopath. She was on antidepressants for a while but they took her off because she was too zoned-out in school. She manipulated her brother who had learning disabilities into taking the blame for a lot of their earlier troublemaking, and she would make outlandish claims about her parents torturing her when she got in trouble at school (once she was only in trouble for stealing a lollipop out of her teacher’s desk and she still got CPS involved in order to distract from her own crime). There is something evil in her that can never be fixed, she has no capacity for empathy. I’ve been told that relatives could tell something was wrong when she was a year old.

She was charged as an adult, has been denied parole each time but will exhaust her maximum sentence in 9 years. He was sent to a facility for teenagers, released when he was 17 and my aunt put him in counseling and intensive church groups for both of them but he was never able to forgive himself and took his life in 2014. The parents divorced shortly after the kids were convicted and my aunt led a grief group through her church but has been inconsolable since the suicide. She is a beautiful person, with so much love for others and it is so hard to understand how she could be dealt this hand in life.”


5. I am 100% sure my little brother is going to grow up to be a rapist or abuser or is going to murder his wife someday.

“I’m not a parent, but I am 100% sure my little brother is going to grow up to be a rapist or abuser or is going to murder his wife someday. I can see it in the way he treats girls. He’s only nine, but he talks down to me and my mother as if we know nothing and he’s constantly going on about how girls have it easy and should just stay home and take care of their kids (because my mother has to work to support us). He says they’re stupider and freaks out if any girl does something he doesn’t like, his peers included.

He’s also been abusive toward our pets and has gotten suspended from school too many times to count since the time he was in preschool. He’s been kicked out of two schools so far for getting into fights with people. Don’t worry, I do not tolerate the abusiveness towards the pets, I would rather push him and get grounded for two weeks than let the dog be kicked….

Parents don’t realize they’re raising terrible people. My mother insists that he’s a good kid and just needs a little extra help with some things. He is horrible, but she doesn’t see it. She babies him, I personally think because he was born dead and revived so she has more sympathy for him. She only pays attention to whichever one of her kids she thinks needs the attention, and ignores the other.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an angel. I can often be really mean, and I have a short temper. But I’ve never seen a child as evil as the 9-year-old that lives in my home, many other people have said the same things about him to me, but my mother just is either incredibly dense or pretends it isn’t there.”


6. I heard horror stories growing up about my brother, how he hit the cat, or lit the rug on fire, or wet the bed for year.

“My older brother very well falls into the ‘terrible person’ category. We had a pretty big age gap, and I missed a lot of what transpired between my parents and my brother, but as I’m aging, I’m starting to understand a lot more. I’m getting pieces of the story from him and our mother, as our father passed away years ago now.

I heard horror stories growing up about my brother, how he hit the cat, or lit the rug on fire, or wet the bed for years and they were always sorta used as a measure for me, as the younger sibling, to do better. I didn’t really register that they were really awful things as a kid, other than ‘things I shouldn’t do.’

He had trouble in high school and ended up only getting a GED. He spent years jumping from job to job as he most often would end up fired from one place or another for various reasons. When I went to community college, I tried to get him to go with me. He’s plenty smart enough to go to school, just terrible at attending; he dropped out shortly after….

I don’t want to go into too much detail….He’s a loose cannon, he definitely has emotional issues and he won’t seek help for them. He’s a pathological liar and slick enough to talk his way out of most things, especially with a therapist/psychologist. He isn’t self-sufficient and relies on everyone else for everything. Believe me, once I’m all he has left, he’s going to get self-sufficient really quick.

The thing that really fucks me up at the end of the day, in this long debate about nature v. nurture or eco-evo-devo, whichever.

How big a part does genetics really play in this? If I have children at some point, will I end up with someone like my brother? What are the chances of that?”


7. Police caught him killing people’s pets.

“I can’t speak for my parents, but I can speak for myself when talking about my brother.

My brother is five years older than me and my parents have been heavily abusive my entire life. I was diagnosed with autism when I was six and my parents immediately pulled me from public school and ‘homeschooled’ me. My only interaction with another kid was with my brother. While I shied away and withdrew, my brother acted out, and horribly so.

I think I realized it about a year after I was pulled out of school. My brother had taken me out of the house. I was excited, but we soon met up with what I could only describe as a gang. Now, I know they had gotten my brother at an early age (12). The conversation immediately changed from my brother talking to me about lighthearted topics to a laughing, mocking conversation about blood and gore with the older members he’d met up with. All I could do was watch. I remember thinking that my brother was not a good person, and that I couldn’t ever see him becoming a good person. And I was right.

Half a year later, he was arrested and thrown in juvenile detention for assault. He got out after a few months, as my abusive father is a lawyer, and was back in six months later because police had caught him killing people’s pets. The pattern continued and continued and when he was 15, he got out and didn’t go back. That was because when he turned 17, his long-term boyfriend had him arrested for repeated sexual assault and abuse. He was tried as an adult and is now in prison.

I think it’s probably the fault of our parents. This was about a year and a half ago. I didn’t turn out like he did, but I’m under the impression that abuse affects people in different ways. I’m not sure why I turned out differently, but his behavior and our parents’ behavior affected me a lot. I still wonder what my brother would’ve been like had he not developed the way he had.”


8. He told my cousins how he would kill them and their mom and who he would kill first.

“My aunt has a son who has always been ‘different’ so to speak. He has always been very violent, liked bloody movies especially of women being tormented/tortured/killed. He has been known to try and spy on women changing/showering, he was actually caught hiding in a closet when our other cousin was living with them, he also tried to make a hole in the wall to spy on her. Whenever I would stay over I would lock the door while I showered and every single time he ‘had’ to go to the bathroom but would not get out until I called his mom to get him out. He told my cousins (his sisters) how he would kill them and their mom and who he would kill first. He does/says really violent things and doesn’t show any remorse. He also would watch me sleep when I had to babysit one summer. after that first morning I was legit terrified of going back to sleep when my aunt left for work. He would always touch their dogs’ private regions and would always take him into the bathroom and locked the door (no one knew what he would do but you can only guess) whenever I was around I would immediately call him out on it and told him it was never okay to touch an animal like that, his mom never said anything but as soon as someone would say something about him she would hit him but it was because she was actually angry at the person for saying anything and took it out on him, she refuses to get him help but has no issue calling my siblings and I pieces of shit considering we’re actually in lot better situations than her and her children. I cut off contact years ago, my dad has some really fucked up family and I don’t like to associate myself with them.”


9. He tortured me physically, mentally, and sexually for over a decade.

“My older brother is a sadist with some type of antisocial personality disorder. (I suspect sociopathy.)

He tortured me physically, mentally, and sexually for over a decade. He always told me he would kill me if I told. I believed him.

A few times, I became suicidal. Instead of actually killing myself, I disclosed the abuse so that he would kill me.
Obviously, that didn’t work out the way I planned. They would send him to some type of treatment/intervention where he would learn new tricks of the abuser trade. He would pretend to have an epiphany and they’d scale back on the supervision until he had full access to his favorite victim all over again.

My mother has known that he is different and can’t be trusted since he was a toddler. My dad’s mom said that he was ‘born mean.’ My dad thinks he’s perfectly fine.

He would slit all our throats for bragging rights.

It’s a terrifying existence.”


10. Mark my words, this kid is gonna kill someone someday.

“Both of my kids are pretty OK.

But my brother’s youngest child is a sociopath. I won’t even visit anymore because I’m scared he will hurt my kids. My brother doesn’t see it at all. Says ‘boys will be boys.’ Most boys don’t torture the neighbors’ pets.

Anyways in this case it is at least in part due to permissive parenting. This kid never gets punished or corrected for anything ever and he always gets what he wants. Nothing is ever his fault. Ever. One time he beat up the autistic kid across the street because the kid asked to play with him. My brother said it was the other parents fault for letting the kid go outside in the first place and that they should just ‘keep him inside.’ Lol. This was in a nice subdivision full of 300k+ homes. Not the first or last kid he’s messed up, either.

Mark my words, this kid is gonna kill someone someday, I have no doubt. I’m just staying as far out of the picture as possible so that it’s not me or one of my kids.”


11. I’m terrified of ending up talking to a reporter about how I never thought my brother would end up a serial killer who kidnapped and tortured young blonde women in his basement.

“I’m scared to death for my little brother. He’s now 15 and I don’t even fear prison for him anymore, I fear much worse. The first red flag was that he didn’t seem to understand the concept of property. If he saw something he wanted, he would just take it. This has ranged from everyday objects, to electronics, to cash.

Looking back the first sign, which seemed innocent at the time, was that anything he didn’t agree with or didn’t fully understand was ‘stupid.’ And a lot of kids say that but it plays into the same hand here. He appears to have no concept of the feelings or emotions of others. He is not just selfish, because that would imply not caring about others, he seems to genuinely not understand that other people are real and have feelings. He never grew out of temper tantrums. Full on screaming, crying, stomping, throwing things, trying to hurt people.

He is even worse with animals. He got a pet fish as a kid and decided to throw it as hard as he could against the wall just to see what would happen. He doesn’t understand you have to be careful picking an animal up and you can’t just grab their tail or whatever part of them and yank. Animals are terrified of him. A few years ago he got caught shooting a stray cat with an airsoft gun. He showed remorse only in that he got caught.

It escalated when he got into a rougher group of friends. They started giving him drugs. As far as I know he never consumed any, but who knows? More recently we found he had some videos of our sister in the shower. My dad hasn’t done enough to curb the behavior, since he’s the golden child, but I can’t blame it entirely on that. It’s just that my dad just grounding him for everything, then caving in and letting him out of his room because my dad wants him to be a hockey star doesn’t help.

I stopped worrying so much about prison now, and ever since the incident with my sister, who won’t even be in the same room as him, I worry that he is going to get even hornier as he ages, and one day that lack of empathy is going to lead him to rape. And I worry one day a woman will fight him and he will lose his temper on her and murder her.

I’m terrified of ending up talking to a reporter about how I never thought my brother would end up a serial killer who kidnapped and tortured young blonde women in his basement. I’m terrified of having the suffering of others on my conscience because even though he’s not my son or my responsibility, that I should have done SOMETHING.”


12. It is quite scary to loosely observe someone growing up to potentially become a ‘sociopath’ like this.

“My uncle is basically raising a ‘criminal’ (hopefully not) without realizing it.

Both my uncles and aunts are very successful doctors in our country and are often busy so my cousin was raised by maids in a spoiled and neglected environment that constantly feeds his ego. growing up I remember he would get everything he wants, and if anyone does not ‘please’ him (such as giving him a particular toy he wants, or making jokes at him), he would throw the biggest fit. it doesn’t help that whenever he throws a fit his dad would yell at the person doing it, including my aunts, uncles, and even grandma (seniority is pretty serious in my family and he’s always been my grandma’s favorite).

Fast-forward to a couple of years ago when his family visited the us (where my family lives). They were staying at my house and he started to yell at his little sister for some stupid reason. I politely told him that it wasn’t nice to yell at his little sister when it was uncalled for. He replied, ‘do you really think you can argue with me?’ I calmly told him that I’m not arguing with him, I simply am telling him that he shouldn’t yell at his sister when she didn’t do anything wrong. He repeats the same sentence above, forgetting the fact that I’m older than him and actually have more seniority than him in the family (my dad is the oldest, his dad is the 2nd oldest in a family of 8 siblings so his dad has a lot of seniority power back in our country). At this point I just had it with him and told him that I’m not arguing with him, and since I’m older than him and he’s living in my family’s house he better behave and respect everyone in my family, at which point he starts throw a fit (he’s 15 at the time), in which his dad, fortunately, told him to apologize to me (probably because of the whole seniority thing)

Fast-forward to a few months ago after my brother visited the homeland and got the family updates. since he grew up with a big ego (rich family with my uncle constantly reminds him of his status) and doesn’t know how to interact with people peacefully, he never had friends growing up. not only that, he’s starting to develop an interest in chemistry and explosives. Last I’ve heard my uncle had to get rid of a bunch of tools he bought to explore more into the explosives. as my brother dug deeper into the situation, he found a bunch of internet searches and histories that this kid has been making that would definitely prompted quite a few FBI visits if he was living in the United States.

I honestly don’t know what came out of that and how he is now. It is quite scary to loosely observe someone growing up to potentially become a ‘sociopath’ like this. Hope it’s just a phase.”


13. He has always been kind of weird around younger kids.

“My aunt’s child is horrible, we are the same age but he has done some very questionable things. Most of these include being violent to younger children, he expressed how he wanted to hurt my niece. He has always been kind of weird around younger kids which leads most of our family to believe he may be pedophilic or just abusive. He was raised pretty badly, a careless mother who thinks he is always innocent and a mentally abusive father. He also suffers from ADHD and has Tourette’s Syndrome.”

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