Please Tell Me My House Isn’t Haunted: 29 People Share Their Absolutely Chilling True Stories

Found on AskReddit.

1. When I got home the TV had a black screen with white text on the bottom that said ‘I’m not home.’

“I came home and all the lights were off and when I went into the bedroom the TV had a black screen with white text on the bottom (like subtitles) that said ‘I’m not home.’

Another time I was home alone and went into my bedroom and the TV had that static white snow with a black border on the sides.

Pretty sure my TV is haunted. I am kind of terrified of it.”


2. The man in the Plaid Shirt.

“Everyone who has lived in the house I grew up in for any length of time has seen the Man in the Plaid Shirt. Out of the corner of our eyes, usually once we’ve managed to forget about him, we see a man, reddish hair, beard, red and black plaid lumberjack shirt and blue jeans. We’ve only seen him downstairs, and he’s always walking to another room.

My mom and dad, and my girlfriend and I have all seen him on multiple occasions.”


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