50 Things Girls Should NEVER Do On A First Date (According To The Experiences Of 50 Guys)

41. Don’t treat men like dogs.

“Don’t make us chase you we are not dogs.

Don’t talk to us like dogs.

Do not start making demands and plans we have our own lives we are not your dogs.

Don’t ignore us and text on your phone all night we are like dogs we need attention.”


42. Don’t look COMPLETLY different from the photos on your FB profile.

“Look COMPLETLY different from the photos/FB profile you send me. No matter what people said, looks matter. A lot.”


43. Don’t suck out your date’s soul through his neck.

“Last date I went on the girl gave me the biggest hickey of my life then told me her ex was into demons and put her through a ritual and she was possessed by a demon for 2 years until she was saved by a red-haired 6-inch pixie with an Irish accent that lives inside of her to this day. I kept touching my neck the rest of the night wondering if she sucked out my soul.”


44. Don’t offer him your chewing tobacco.

“Pull out a can of chew and ask if I want a dip.”


45. Don’t remark that your date is height-challenged.

“Saying: ‘Oh, you’re shorter than I though you would be!’”



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