50 Things Girls Should NEVER Do On A First Date (According To The Experiences Of 50 Guys)

17. Don’t hook up with your ex while you’re on the date.

“I was on a first date with a girl and everything was going great. We had a nice dinner and the conversation was great. After dinner, she asked if we could head to the bar where I had met her the week before. I said sure, no problem.

We get to the bar, order a couple of drinks, and we’re having a pretty good time. She points out that the guy she dated for a few months, let’s call him Chad, was there. That’s kind of awkward to bring up, but whatever. I kind of know Chad since he’s a regular at the bar and we have some mutual friends. I didn’t know he and my date used to go out.

Chad sees that I’m with her and soon leaves the bar. A few minutes later, my date starts checking her phone and texting someone. I go order another round of drinks. When I get back, my date asks if it would be OK if she went back to Chad’s house. I told her she could do whatever she wanted to. I then said goodnight and went home alone. She texted me an hour later apologizing and said that Chad wouldn’t let her in. She then asked if she could come to my house. I politely declined and went to sleep.

So, I would say trying to hook up with your ex is a huge no-no for a girl to do on the first date.”


18. Don’t ask him for a date at a restaurant, then seat him because you’re the hostess on shift.

“Tell a guy to meet you at a restaurant for a date and then seat him when he gets there because you’re the hostess on shift.”


19. Don’t expect him to keep the conversation going.

“Expecting him to keep the conversation going. Dialog is a two-way-road.”


20. Don’t be late.

“Being late (maybe 10 minutes is ok, but 30, 40 minutes late to our first date? No thanks).”


21. Don’t act like a mannequin.

“Enter ‘mannequin mode’ and expect the guy to bring you to life!”



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