50 Things Girls Should NEVER Do On A First Date (According To The Experiences Of 50 Guys)

46. Don’t be an unfunny pain in the ass.

“I went out with a girl who asked me out, before we stop communicating via text she says, ‘please don’t be an axe murderer’ so we meet up at a cafe fifteen minutes from my house. We meet up greet each other and sit down and I make a small joke about forgetting my axe to which she replied, ‘that’s not funny’ hmm ok well damn a little harsh. The whole night when I made commentary about anything or teased or made an attempt at any joke she responded with the exact same response, ‘that isn’t funny.’ It was like she didn’t want to be there so much I didn’t want to be there. I ended up leaving mid date telling her I needed to go to the restroom. (Took care of my bill at the front we were in the back) TLDR; have a goddamn sense of humor when you ask someone out.”


47. Don’t talk about rape culture and how all men are evil.

“Talking about rape culture and all men are evil kind of stuff.”


48. Don’t bring your mom and get drunk with her.

“Invite your mom and proceed to both get drunk on 5 vodka cranberries each while I’m sipping my 1st beer.”


49. Don’t try to take my bacon.

“Try to take my bacon.”


50. Don’t be extremely late.

“Don’t be extremely late. 10-15 minutes is ok, but give him a heads-up. 1-2 hours late is not OK.”

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