31 Terrifying Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movie Plots

Flickr / J.B. Hill
Flickr / J.B. Hill
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1. Out of the pitch black we heard something SCREAMING.

“It’s nowhere near as creepy as a lot of these stories, but was still unsettling. A few months ago, my husband and I decided to drive out of the city to view the Perseid meteor shower. We drove way out into the middle of nowhere (this is Texas)– random turning down dirt roads for miles and miles. Finally we found a place– no lights anywhere, hadn’t passed any private driveways or homes in miles. We’re on the hood of the car and we hear, out of the pitch black, someone (or something) SCREAMING. No words, just this long, drawn-out scream, which sounded like a man. Our asses were off the hood and inside the car, doors locked, before it stopped. I’ve seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Fuck that shit.”


2. Mommy, who is that old lady in the corner?

“A close coworker of mine has two daughters. She was telling me a story of one time of how her younger daughter would sleep in bed with her because she was afraid to sleep by herself. (She was about 4/5 years old at the time.) Well one night the little girl is lying in bed with her mom and starts staring at a dark corner in her room. My coworker asks her daughter, ‘Lilly what’s wrong?’ The little girl goes, ‘Mommy who is that old lady in the corner?’

Obviously this creeped my coworker out but she wanted to get to the bottom of it more. So over the weeks she showed her daughter pictures of her older ancestors both alive and deceased. Turns out, the little girl ending up identifying the woman in the room as my coworker’s great grandmother who was many years passed….creepy stuff.”


3. Near the farmhouse was a grave for a child named Sam.

“At the age of four I had an imaginary friend called Sam. Mum had to set the table and everything for him every night. Things then got creepy when we went for a drive one day and I told mum that we needed to go to Sam’s house. Mum drove us following my directions to an old abandoned, run down farm house (we lived in the Wheat Belt of Western Australia). Told mum ’tis was Sam’s house and he wanted me to play there for the day.

Mum kinda freaked out took me home and told Dad. Dad proceeded to go out and visit the farmhouse and found a grave nearby for a child called Sam…’”


4. Every morning they would be woken up to ‘Highway to Hell’ playing in the house.

“This happened to my parents when I was about a year old. They had just bought a house and after about a week they would be woken up to ‘Highway to Hell’ playing in the house. No radio was on, no T.V. they tell me it was almost every morning, we only lived in the home for about three months before leaving.”


5. Old construction site bred giant rats that chased me through the night.

“Once I was out in town, a pretty big town full of construction and lackluster garbage services. In the mornings people were paid to go sweep the streets, and maybe 1 or 2 garbage trucks would drive around and empty a few garbage bins that were mostly forgotten by the pedestrians.

Anyways, with the garbage that constantly flooded the streets, and all the construction going on, you’d see piles of cinderblocks everywhere around the sites.

One night I took a shortcut through an alley to a big dirt lot and under a cement structure that would be a building later on. There were huge piles of cinderblocks just waiting to be used, and that’s when I began to hear it. Squeak, squeak, squeak! Rat swarms began to pour out of the holes in the blocks in what looked like thousands, all coming towards me. A giant swarm of black angry fur. I had to book it as fast as I could and judging by their size they could have been very mean.

TL;DR: Old construction site bred giant rats that chased me through the night when I took a shortcut.”


6. I woke up to someone else in the bed with us who was breathing on my face.

“Long story short I was staying at a friend’s house, and woke up to someone else in the bed with us who was breathing on my face. I could see from the streetlamp that my friend was turned away from me when I sat up, and that there was actually someone else there too. I also really gently reached out and touched them and felt what felt like an eyebrow/forehead, and they appeared to be asleep.

Can’t explain why I didn’t scream or anything, I tend to think about what to do given that I have the time to. I decided to lay down and not move and if they did something that could have meant trouble, then I would react.
I didn’t sleep, and watched as this person got up and walked out of the room, down the stairs and out the door. I locked the doors after and didn’t sleep for days.

Just freaks me out that someone welcomes themselves into a home and just climbs into bed with two girls. My friend doesn’t even believe me.”


7. The ghost of grandma’s dress.

“My grandma died during the late 90s. My cousin, who was her favorite, was asked to find her favorite dress so she could wear it while people visit her at the funerary. The thing is, my grandma’s closet is a huge as a fitting room (think 6 cubicles 2 rows 3 columns). After about an hour of searching coz he can’t find it, he mutters something like ‘if only someone would help me.’ The next closet door he opens, the dress just falls in front of him.”


8. The hidden community filled with crazy people who hate outsiders.

“There has always been rumors that if you travel far enough back into a certain part of my town, you will reach this hidden community filled with these crazy people who hate outsiders. The road back there is very easy to find and travel on which made me pretty skeptical right away so one day, a friend and I drove back there in my truck.

I had looked at the place on google earth and it didn’t seem to be more than a small group of ranch style homes. Well, shit went south pretty quick. The first house we passed had this weird army of dogs running around. They all start going batshit crazy so we just sped up but that was like the warning bell because people started coming out of every fucking house and they were all yelling shit at us. My friend and I both start freaking out, speed past and try to find the first place to turn around and get out. As I’m making my U-turn, rocks are starting to hit my truck and one guy was walking straight from his garage with what looked like a shotgun. He didn’t shoot but I did have some big dents on my truck from the rocks.

We hauled ass out of there and I had to lie to my dad and tell him that shit flew out of a car in front of me on the freeway and hit me causing the dents.”


9. Loud THUMPS in the basement.

“This happened about three years ago or so. I was sitting in the kitchen, and it was around 10pm or so. I heard a really loud ‘thump’ in the basement.

I live alone with two dogs so any sound is somewhat frightening to me.

So, as I’m walking down the stairs to the, basement, I hear the thumping again, in an oddly rhythmic pattern. I creak open the door into the basement bedroom, and I see my dog is just ramming his head and body into the wall, over and over.

I can’t explain to you how shockingly unnatural looking it was. It looked like… he was controlled or something. I called him over, and he stopped and came upstairs with me.

Three hours later, I hear the thumping again. I get out of bed again, However, when I went down to check it, it was my OTHER dog that was ramming his head into the wall.

It was like he was possessed. Scared the cheese out of me.

Since then, nothing like that has happened, but what an unexplainable event…”


10. An old lady kidnapped me for a couple days when I was four.

“I was only four when this happened. Was playing outside with my siblings and neighbors and while they’re busy playing, a lady approached me and took me to her place. A nearby neighborhood. After a while, everybody was freaking out and they started looking for me everywhere. This lady was severely depressed, her husband left her after their son died. He couldn’t handle her depression apparently. She took me to her place, fed me and gave me tons of candy. For couple days. She also made me wear her deceased son pajamas. At some point, she took me to buy some candy from the store, the store owner knew her so he reported that to the police. She didn’t hurt me at all, the doctor even said I was well fed. I always think of her and pray she’s in a better place now, even tried to go visit her when I was a college student, her house was sold and she moved away apparently.”


11. The demented woman who wandered into my dad’s house.

“This happened to my father, I will tell the story the way he told me to better the story.

I was 22 years old. I had just gotten a place closer to my new job but the neighborhood I lived in was secluded. Maybe four houses within a mile, nothing for miles after that. I was having a normal night, maybe my first week there. I watched some TV and fell asleep. When I woke up around 1 A.M., I was about to go to my bedroom when I remembered to turn off the bathroom light at the opposite end of the house. As I was walking through the living room, I could barely see through to the kitchen and even farther, the dining room. It was pitch black because the bathroom door was closed. In the dining room, however, I saw something tall standing up in the corner. I froze and as my eyes adjusted, I saw it was an old man or woman in a white gown with white hair. ‘Hey!’ I yelled. The old person sprinted towards me like a fucking jet. I sprinted back to my room were the light was on. I put my hands up, ready to fight and the old person came lunging in and when they saw me they stopped and said ‘Why are you in my house?’ I pretended I was leaving and apologized while I eased into the closer bathroom, locked the door, and called 911 with the house phone. Turns out a woman about a half mile away in the neighborhood had a form of dementia and wandered into my house while I was sleeping.”


12. The stalker who photographed my friend’s wife.

“Somebody mailed my friend a bunch of pictures of his wife just going about her day. Some of them were taken through windows of their home. Police were called and everything, but nothing ever came of it. They actually moved because of it.”


13. When I was about eight years old my neighbor filmed me in secret.

“When I was about eight years old my neighbor filmed me in secret.

I was trying to be a good kid and was helping with the laundry. Our dryer was broken, so we were using a clothes line outside. I was busy hanging up the wet laundry when the neighbor boy yelled to me.

‘Hey, I would go inside if I were you!’

‘What?’ I was confused.

‘You should go inside. My dad is recording you.’

I was super confused because when he said ‘recording you.’ I thought he meant with a tape recorder and I wasn’t saying anything. Before I could respond, his dad started yelling at him.

‘Get inside you little fucker before I beat the shit out of you.’

That’s when I saw him with his camcorder behind some trees. I didn’t know what to do. One of our new kittens ran over to me and started biting my ankles trying to play, so I used that as an excuse to pick it up and go inside.”


14. The night I found out my mom had a stalker.

“Context: my mom’s college boyfriend became her stalker after she left his awful, abusive ass back in the mid-80s.

Several years ago, just before the last Harry Potter movie came out, my mom and I were marathoning the other seven movies and at about 1am the phone rings. Normally we don’t answer, we figure if it’s important they’ll leave a message, but a call that late at night is probably urgent. Mom answers and almost immediately her face changes and she tells me, ‘go wake up your father.’ Shit, I’ve never seen my mom this scared, I run upstairs and get him. Back downstairs she’s still on the phone and I have no idea what’s going on. Dad has some words with the caller and we hug it out in the kitchen.

This is when I found out my mom had a stalker. Despite him being silent for years, and their whole breakup happening halfway across the country, he somehow found us. Said he’d driven by our house. Complimented the neighborhood. Freaks me out to this day, wondering how much he knows about us, and if I’ve ever talked to him unwittingly.”


15. I was stalked by a 40+ year-old man from the ages of 10 till 14. I was unaware.

“I was stalked by a 40+ year0old man from the ages of 10 till 14. My parents told me about it when I was 13. I was unaware but they were. He had been following me to school, he had been mailing me things, taking pictures of me, and sending my parents threatening messages in all sorts of ways.”


16. Some random dude peed in my grandmother’s house and watched me sleep.

“When I was 19 I was visiting my grandmother in Indiana. Unfortunately, she ended up in the hospital so my mom and I took turns staying with her.

One morning I was sleeping at my grandmother’s house when I woke up to her front storm door slamming. I sat up and realized there was a chair next to me that wasn’t there the night before.

I got up and went to the front door. The main actual door was wide open and only the storm door was closed. A man was walking across the lawn, his back to me. Normal walking. For some reason, I wasn’t afraid. I also wasn’t wearing my glasses so I kind of assumed this guy was a postal worker. I didn’t put the chair by the bed thing together until later…. When the toilet seat slammed down and scared the shit out of me.

But… Why was the toilet seat up? I am a girl, my mom’s a girl…

Tldr Some random dude peed in my grandmother’s house and watched me sleep maybe.”


17. He wasn’t having sex, he was moaning from an overdose that wound up killing him.

“I was at a party at my friend Brian’s house. I was really uncomfortable because I didn’t really know anyone there and I knew that Brian’s friends were really into drugs. I wound up just watching movies and drinking mixed drinks until I fell asleep in a chair. The next morning, I was getting a glass of water and getting ready to leave when one of Brian’s friends approached me. He asked me if Brian and I ‘hooked up’ because he had heard so much noise coming from his bedroom. I said no and he continued to tease me about it. He was being creepy and insulting so I just left. Later that morning, I found out that Brian had overdosed and died during the night. His friend had heard Brian moaning and thrashing around and thought that he was having sex.”


18. The night my mom almost got raped.

“Story happened to my mom years ago when she was in her late teens.

Her and a couple friends were driving up one of the canyon roads one night when an unmarked police car flagged her down from behind with his lights, so, she pulled over to the side of the road. Officer came up to the window, told my mom to step out of the car and then noticed her friends. I assume he thought she was alone. When she went to open the door, he stopped her, nervously changed his tone and asked my mom where they were going. My mom gave a throwaway answer and is now starting to get creeped out by this guy.

After looking at the girls in the car for a second, he spots beer. All were underage. But instead of ticketing them, he tells my mom to give him the case of beer, then told her there are creepy people and devil worshippers who live in the canyon and to head back to the city. So, my mom and her friends gave this guy the beer and went back into the city.

A few weeks later, she’s watching the news and there’s a story about a man who’s posing as a cop pulling over unsuspecting women and raping them. They then gave a description of the car and it was the same car that had pulled her and her friends over that one weekend.

She did find it odd this guy didn’t show his badge, nor was he in uniform, but I don’t think it hit her until that story how dangerous it could have been.

She believes the guy didn’t initially see her friends when he pulled her over and just assumed she was driving alone.”


19. The albino man who almost kidnapped my brother.

“So I’ve had my fair share of creepy experiences, but one that sticks out is what happened to my brother.

He was six years old and a very cute little boy. He was outside in our front yard, playing with his toy cars. We lived in a nice neighborhood, on a loop, that was far away from traffic or the highway.

He was playing when suddenly a dark blue car came down the road. There were two passengers. The driver was a blonde, almost albino-looking man, slender, and young. His passenger was a young Hispanic man. They noticed my brother, and the blonde guy rolled down the window and said ‘Hey!’ My brother looked up from what he was doing. Our neighbor, an elderly woman, assumed it was a friend of our next-door-neighbor’s teenage son and went inside her house.

The car flipped a U, and the passenger got out of the car and immediately started RUNNING towards my brother. My brother acted on instinct and ran inside our house. Luckily, the door was unlocked and my mother ran outside when she saw my brother crying. The car was already down the street, racing to get away.

I hate to think about what might have happened if our door hadn’t been unlocked, or my mother had not been there, or if my brother had not acted as quickly as he did. We reported the incident to the police, but they didn’t take it very seriously and took over an hour to even get to our house and take down my mother’s statement. We’ve never seen the car in our town before, and my mom wasn’t able to get a license plate.”


20. The night the Easter bunny tried suffocating me to death.

“When I was a little girl my brother and I shared a room (we were 15 months apart) and in our room we had a wood divider down the middle because we fought so much… anyways… I was maybe between 4-6 (I can’t remember exact age) and it was Easter time. Actually it was the Saturday night before Easter Sunday and I heard something in our room. I thought it was the Easter bunny. So I peeked out of my covers and I swear to this day it was the real Easter bunny. I saw a black vest with chains and a pocket watch hanging down and some glasses hanging out of the other top pocket. He walked over and I shot my head back under the covers. He sat down on my bed. I became very scared (my older sisters had said the Easter bunny kills bad kids and kids who try to peek at him and I was definitely a little shit either way) and pulled the covers taut and could feel him lean over me and get very close to my face. I peeked out again with one eye and I saw an eye staring back at me…then a pillow go over my head.

I slowly turned my head to the side because I couldn’t breathe and didn’t know what was going on, but I got a breath and held it. In my little pea brain head I had a voice that just said hold it in like I’m playing a game.. well I did. Then the Easter bunny got up off the bed… I could hear him and the chains on his vest rattle as he walked… then back through the window. I was so scared I didn’t know that to do, I just laid there under the covers with the sheet pulled taut and the pillow on top of my head and eventually fell asleep I guess… I honestly don’t remember if I tried to wake my parents or not…

I just know I woke up in my bed the next morning, thinking it was all a dream… I told my sisters and brother that the Easter bunny came and sat on my bed last night as we went through our Easter candy and got ready to go for our Easter egg hunt… my mom and dad overheard and the next thing I know they called the police and there were footprints outside of mine and my bros bedroom window and the screen had been ripped off and the window slightly slid open.

Years later I found out a sicko had been trying to hurt me to get back at my dad. He was a biker (my dad was too), henceforth the black leather vest and chains and apparently that wasn’t the only time he broke into our house and that’s not the only time he tried to hurt me or talk to me. He used to call and talk to me all the time apparently… I don’t remember any of it but that one incident.”


21. He found a knife in the kitchen that didn’t belong to anyone in the house.

“Friend was sleeping at home during summer when his housemates were away. He slept with the bedroom door open (which is horrifying enough) but woke up when he heard burglars walking up the stairs.

He didn’t do anything and just laid there terrified, and one of them closed the bedroom door. When they left, he found a knife in the kitchen that didn’t belong to anyone in the house.”


22. He murdered a little girl, chopped her up, and put her in trash bags.

“My dad works in a factory and would often have people over for dinner/etc. when I was a kid. Most of the people he brought around were pretty rough around the edges and my dad was just trying to be loving towards them.

My mom would get pretty annoyed because when you have 4 kids at home you don’t bring home strange men. Finally my mom said enough, and it ended for the most part.

Flash forward and we find out one of my dad’s coworkers and a guy he brought home a few times (and someone that gave my mom the creeps) was convicted of murdering, cutting up, and putting the body of a young girl in trash bags and dumping her in a trash can a few miles from our house. It was on a side road in a ditch. She was the exact age of my sister and it happened in about a month’s time around when he was visiting.

After that my dad had no more visitors.”


23. To this day she’s convinced it was a skinwalker.

“This happened to a friend of mine, and was verified by her sister and girlfriend.

The three of them were camping in an area in southern Utah (sorry I don’t remember the exact location), and it was during the fall/early winter so it got dark very early, around 5:00. When it started getting dark the three of them built a fire and sat around it, just talking and eating, normal stuff.

Everything was fine for a while, but they started to hear this weird chirping noise. She described it to me as a kookaburra call slowed down. They got kind of freaked out at this point because it didn’t sound like any regular animal. They also kept noticing rustling/movement out of the corners of their eyes but could never see what was making it.

After a while they went to bed, and everything was fine until my friend was woken up in the middle of the night to see what looked like hands pressed up against the outside of her tent, and she heard a weird wet breathing sound (like when someone has a stuffy throat and kind of wheezes while breathing). She said she was so scared she couldn’t talk, but was able to wake up her sister. They stayed quiet and eventually the hand prints kind of just faded away.

In the morning, they wanted to get the hell out of there, so they started packing up their stuff at sunrise. My friend looked around where the hand prints had been, and saw a trail of long, skinny footprints leading up to their campsite, but not away from it.

Her and her sister aren’t the kind to bullshit around, so I believe that this really happened. To this day she’s convinced it was a skinwalker.”


24. I had a girl stalk me my first semester of college.

“I had a girl stalk me my first semester of college. For the first few weeks she would stand outside my dorm and outside of my classroom buildings and follow me. She usually didn’t speak to me but when I moved dorms she appeared in the lobby of my dorm and yelled, ‘How dare you move without telling me! I had to find you again!’

It all came to a head one day when she just showed up after my friend left to go to class and screamed ‘How dare you go to Nashville with that whore!’ Which was creepy because no one else knew where we went since we left at midnight on a whim. I finally went off on her. Found out she tried to kill herself in her dorm room by burning her wrists with a curling iron while screaming about how I and several other guys had ruined her life.”


25. He started pounding on my windows yelling, ‘OPEN THE DOOR.’

“One night, when I was about 18, I stopped at the grocery store after work around 10pm. Fairly sleepy part of town, not super nice but I never had a problem walking around at night. A guy on the far side of the parking lot starts shouting ‘hey!’

I didn’t respond at first because I didn’t even think he was shouting at me. Finally, I look up and he’s looking right at me, still pretty far away. Guy is probably under 30, looks a little “edgy” but not stereotypically sketchy.

Me: ‘…yeah?’

Him: ‘You’re Mark’s friend, right?’

Me: ‘who?’

Him: ‘Mark Lastname, he’s playing down the street right now… (voice gets aggressive) You know him I KNOW YOU KNOW HIM.’

Me: ‘Sorry. You have the wrong person.’

I quickly got in my car and closed the door. I fumbled with my keys and as I got them into the ignition I heard the thumping of feet right by my door. I look up in time to realize that he had RUN full speed across the parking lot towards my car. He didn’t stop until he literally slammed into the driver side door with all of his weight.

I locked the door just before he tried to open it. He pulled on the handle a few times and then started pounding on my windows yelling, ‘OPEN THE DOOR.’

His pupils were incredibly popped and he was straight up foaming at the mouth. Like, didn’t even notice the foamy spit and drool all over the corners of his mouth and face. I put the car on reverse and noped the fuck out of there while he continued to scream at me and try to grab my car.”


26. He sent us photos from outside our house asking if we still wanted to play a game.

“When we were younger, about age 16 in 2006, my best friend and I were watching ‘Troy’ at his sister’s apartment. The movie went well into the night so I called my mom and asked if I could stay the night. She said it was cool. My buddy Jose was a tough kinda guy, football player and popular. I was a football player too but really just known as Jose’s best friend. As we were getting ready for bed at about 2:30am we decide to call a ‘Party chat Line’” and make our voices like girls to mess with the creeper guys on it. We do our usual pranking being completely obnoxious by making girl moaning sounds. We are laughing our butts off as the guys would get pissed that they got tricked by 2 kids. Our laughing stopped when we met a guy who was by himself in the party room. He asked, ‘Do you want to play a game?’ sounding like Jigsaw from Saw we proceed to talk shit to him when he asks again. ‘Do you want to play a game?’ The very moment we agree he starts screaming ‘HANG UP HANG UP HANG UP!!!!’ We had the phone on speaker so it being loud scared us into hanging up. We look at each other and laugh and talk about how weird that was when the phone began to ring. The number was restricted. I flipped open the phone and put it on speaker. ‘Now we can play the game!’ The man’s voice shot through the phone. My stomach had felt like someone jabbed me with a handful of needles, I was scared. How did he get my number? it was a party line. Jose was a huge skeptic and starts to taunt the guy. Telling him he doesn’t scare us. The man then says ‘Jose do you see that cat outside your window, because I do.’ We looked up and noticed a grey cat in his small backyard. Jose didn’t own any pets. We hung the phone up and ran to the living room. Sitting on the couch huddled up and shivering. The phone rings again, we left it in his room. The ringtone at the time was (Justin Timberlake -My Love) but because of the crappy download the audio file was louder than it should have been and came off distorted. The phone rang the entire night. We didn’t go back to the room, we didn’t sleep. When his sister woke up we walked into his room and noticed the phone on had died from all the ringing. He plugged in the charger. When the phone came back on he had over 80 missed calls and 2 pictures. The pictures were of the backyard looking to the room we were in and a picture of our shoes on the front porch. To this day, we have no idea how that happened or who that was. Scared us for life.

TLDR: Buddy and I called a party line. Creeper guy somehow figured where we lived. Sent us photos from outside the house asking if we still wanted to play a game.”


27. The ghost of Mable.

“My parents bought a house from a man quite a few years ago. He had some major issues, tried to commit suicide in the basement etc. After my parents bought the house, his ex-wife ran into my mom one day and asked if we had met ‘Mable’ yet. She claimed Mable was the ghost that lived in the house and said she would sometimes wake-up at night to the feeling of someone stroking her hair of her cheek. Apparently Mable had burned to death….Though we never actually looked into this.

We didn’t really think much of it for a while, but come the winter months, weird things would start happing in the house. One morning my mom woke up to the stove being turned on, another morning she left to do some groceries and came home to half a cup of coffee sitting on the counter (she hadn’t made coffee because she had gone to a friend’s house for coffee that morning) and our dog who was mostly an inside dog was outside….In -40 degree weather. my sister and I were at school and my dad was at work. All the doors were locked when she came home so it couldn’t have been someone who snuck into the house.

On another occasion I was in the garage grabbing fire wood and had to walk across the double garage to get to the wood pile. At the time we had a cow hanging in there before we were to have it cut and wrapped. As I’m grabbing an armful of wood, the garage light switched off. The door was really heavy and squeaky so I would have known if someone had opened the door to shut off the light.

The strangest thing that happened though, again happened in the winter months. My mom and I were in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was on the phone with a friend when we started smelling smoke. She got off the phone and we started searching the house to see where it was coming from. Turns out some papers in the bottom of a box in my bedroom closet were burning. We were the only ones home that day.

While we lived there we would hear footsteps going up and down the 4 flights of stairs, walking up and down the hallway, sometimes our dog would suddenly wake from her sleep and growl at a specific area.

Looking back on it, it was really quite an interesting house. It was known in town for being creepy and apparently the title was very fitting for the house.”


28. The ghost in the barber shop.

“Family friend was a barber who lived in his shop. The way he told it he woke up one morning and was at the sink. Before he turned any lights on he said he saw a shadow, again no lights on. At that moment he felt a burn on his back. Flips the lights on to see what was there and there is a perfect handprint scarred into his back. He was your typical ginger, red hair, pale skin with freckles and this hand print is bright white on his right shoulder blade.
Few months later he has a customer getting a haircut and tells him about his encounter. Customer says the barber shop used to be a bar and was closed after a lady was murdered there during a bar fight.

This was mid 90’s, friend has since passed. Coincidentally was found deceased in the barber shop.”


29. The ex-cop was keeping old people in their basement and collecting the Social Security checks they got monthly.

“About 2 years ago I was selling weed. One of my regulars was a creepy ex-cop, and he bought the weed for his two sons (All 3 of them looked like inbreds though). He would only buy like a 10 bag at a time, but he was also so persistent to take me and whatever friend I would bring (I wouldn’t meet him alone) to go get dinner somewhere every time. We usually went to a place across town and sat in the back of his creepy red van. He would spend more on the food then he would on the weed. And he would always pull out a large wad of cash.

A couple months later his creepy son tried pulling a gun on me for some pills, but it didn’t work. (He was outnumbered). So I stopped selling to them. Turns out, the ex-cop was keeping old people in their basement and collecting the Social Security checks they got monthly. That was going on during the period of me selling to them.”


30. A man dressed in a full business suit walks out of the water.

“A couple of years back, my family and I decided to take a nice stroll by the local lake. We arrived at this nice little house right next to shore when suddenly we heard a lot of splashing. We turned around to face the lake and we saw a man dressed in a full business suit walk out of the water with the creepiest poker face you can imaging. A lady nearby gasped and asked him if he needed an ambulance and he straight up blew her off and kept walking to god knows where. Never heard anything about that ever again!”


31. The ‘friend of the friend’ was found murdered and stuffed in the trunk.

“My roommate sold his piece-of-shit Ford Taurus to a friend of a friend on a Friday. He left the plates on it so he could get the car registered, etc. The following Monday the assistant district attorney knocked on my door looking for my roommate because the ‘friend of the friend’ was found murdered and stuffed in the trunk of said piece-of-shit Ford Taurus.”

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