44 People Recall The Exact Moment They Realized They Were Surrounded By Idiots

28. When no one in my 10th grade geometry class knew what an octagon was.

β€œIn 10th grade geometry class nobody around me knew what an octagon was.”


29. When my coworkers believed my pitch about snake oil.

β€œI have convinced my coworkers snake oil is real. They are wanting to buy some from me to get mad gains. I haven’t sold them any yet cause were moving into winter and all the snakes are hibernating so all the snake oil I have is being saved to keep up my family’s health. But come spring time when the snakes wake up I’ll have some more.”


30. When my friend and his family argued with me that flies aren’t animals because you don’t hunt them.

β€œOnce in high school I went over to my friend’s house where I proceeded to get into an argument with him and his family (two adults, two teenagers) over whether flies could be considered animals or not. I tried to explain that they are still under the kingdom Animalia, it’s just they have a different phylum and class to what they had in mind, but they are as much an animal as a cat, fish, or bird is.

Their argument was β€˜but you don’t say ‘I went hunting for flies.’ Still remember how astounded I was at 14 to think that adults could be this stupid.”


31. When my coworkers didn’t understand that the earth moves around the sun.

β€œI’m in a meeting with my boss, the Director of Corporate Sales, and the Marketing Manager. They are confused as to what time the sun rises in Ireland (we are in the Boston area). I tell them that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so countries that are further east see the sun first and therefore Ireland would be in the afternoon when we were just seeing the morning sun. They didn’t believe me. It was a 30-minute conversation where despite my best efforts to discuss how the earth moves around the sun I couldn’t convince them. I still work in the same office with the same people.”



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