41 Girls Describe The Little Traits That Can Make A Not-So-Handsome Guy Immediately Attractive

37. A man who is comfortable with himself.

“Call it steez, confidence, finesse, but a man who is comfortable with himself and takes care of himself (health, finances, etc.) is always attractive in my book! I like being on the same playing field as a guy I’m dating.

Great values, generous, respectful, sense of humor, smart and overall gentleman! A man who can stand on his own two feet and isn’t possessive.”


38. What is ‘presence’?

“Presence. And if you have to ask what that means, then you don’t have it.”


39. Being good with kids.

“Being good with kids. There’s something about seeing a man properly carry a baby that makes me go heart eyes.”


40. Knowing how to cook.

“Knowing how to cook!”


41. Double your pleasure!

“Two dicks.”

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