41 Girls Describe The Little Traits That Can Make A Not-So-Handsome Guy Immediately Attractive

19. A man who knows the difference between being nice and being kind.

“I think the thing lots of guys don’t understand is there is a difference between being nice and being kind. Anybody can be ‘nice’ but if you’re only being nice to someone to gain something in return, I think most people can pick up on that and it’s a huge turn-off. However if you’re genuinely a kind person and treat people well regardless of what they can offer you, that is very very attractive.”


20. A warm personality.

“A warm personality. Sometimes you can tell that from just looking at someone, they have a really welcoming and nice demeanor.”


21. A happy guy.

“Being happy. Really happy with his life and the world in general.”


22. A man who has some interesting stories to tell.

“Having interesting stories to tell, and making me laugh. At first I didn’t think much of my boyfriend first date, end of it we totally hooked up in his car.”


23. A man who’s ready to do business.

“Sleeves rolled up to elbows.”


24. A robe and a wizard hat.

“A robe and a wizard hat.”


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