17 Things Men Just Don’t Understand About Women’s Bodies

Found on AskReddit.

1. PMS cramps feel like you’re scraping the insides out of a pumpkin at Halloween.

“I have used the following phrases to try to explain PMS cramps to my boyfriend, he looks legitimately horrified every time:

• you know what it’s like when you’re scraping the insides out of a pumpkin at Halloween? That’s what my uterus feels like right now.

• it’s kind of like somebody just stabbed me in the lower abdomen with a dull spork. Like one of those disposable plastic ones.

• it’s like my lady parts have come to life and decided to live without me. So they’re trying to cut their way out of my body from the inside….

• you know that sharp pain when you stub your toe? Like really stub your toe? Yeah, it’s kind of like that, but inside.

• that cringy feeling you get from nails on a chalkboard? It’s like that entire sensation, including the chalkboard, except contained inside my uterus.

• imagine there’s a tiny band of angry dwarves living inside your abdomen. Now imagine them trying to pickaxe their way out.

• it feels like there are hands clawing at my insides, but my insides are like weird, fleshy concrete. So they scrape and scrape until they slowly eat away at the walls.

• do you know what it sounds like when you tear a really heavy fabric? It’s kind of like that sound as a feeling.

….I don’t think they really grasp the actual feeling of period cramps, so I like to be descriptive. I think it helps.”


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