64 Girls Confess The First Thing They Check Out On A Guy

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Flickr / coolly
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1. Your package

“Literally every girl checks out your package. You can usually see a bulge in the pants. We look. A lot.”

2. Crotches


3. I’ll check out your chest and package

“I’ll check out your chest and package. Secret for your arsenal: Gay men and (some) women love sweat pants (the nice kind not the scary off-brand garbage ones), work-out pants, and joggers because they show off a man’s bulge. Hell, sometimes we can see the outline of a shaft through those. We affectionately call them “dick pants” (because our basal nature takes over and we can’t be more creative than that).

4. Forearms

“Your forearms, especially if you’re carrying something like a heavy box but don’t just flex randomly like those guys on Instagram. That is such a turn off for me.

I also like your backs for some reason which is kind of perfect anyway because then you can’t see me checking you out, especially on the beach when guys are topless.

I feel like a creep now. Thank you.”

5. Broad shoulders

“Broad shoulders make me weak in the knees. And a man doesn’t even need to be ripped to have them. A bearlike man with an average body with broad shoulders – amazing. Slimmer guys can have great shoulders, too. It works for any body type, really. Universally sexy.”

6. Teeth

“Teeth are extremely important to me. It tells me if you’re a clean person, if you smoke or not, if you take care of yourself, etc. I also check out hair. I like hairy guys so I love a man with a heavy beard and longish hair.”

7. The general form

“Well, first thing I notice is the general form. Thats what pulls my eyes back. And then I go for the details. Face? Check. Jawline? Check. Long hair? Check. Strong shoulders? Check. Strong arms? Check. Tapered waistline? Check. Strong thighs? Check. Doesn’t skip leg day? Check. Ok, I might consider touching it. Through the pants. Idk though. I’m like 2% bi, so I just say I’m lesbian most of the time. But I can’t help myself when I see a hot musician. Or Ashton Irwin. Or Kakashi’s arms. The heart wants what it wants.”

8. Nice but not obsessively big guns

“A man with nice but not obsessively big guns, and a good shoulder to waist ratio. Nice eyes too.”

9. Face

“I’m a face person. If they aren’t attractive in the face, I don’t care to go down any further. An ugly dude could have the best body in the World and I wouldn’t care.”

10. Forearms

“Forearms. Lats. Eyes. Facial hair. Hands. And last but not least, BUTTS!”

11. Style

“Style. Because you can be a proper hottie but if you’re wearing a douche uniform there’s no need for me to keep looking.”

12. Eyes and hair

“Might be a bit weird, but eyes/hair. I’m an absolute sucker for green eyes too :’)”

13. A cute smile and a good smirk

“Muscles are nice, but when it comes down to it, I’m a sucker for a cute smile and a good smirk. That Marlin Brando gif gets me every fucking time.”

14 Eyes, face, smile, hair, torso, waist, hips, and butt

“Personally it’s in this order. Eyes, face, smile (if they smile), hair, torso, waist, hips, and butt. I care more about the front of a guy than the back.”

15. Hands

“Hands, usually. Other than your faces and build. When it comes to specifics I go for hands. And smile.”

16. Eyes

“His eyes! Well, in the street always looking for some eye flirting, its just like the best feeling ever when his lock into yours.”

17. Ring finger

“Maybe it’s my age, but ring finger. Then beard, arms, eyes, butt and face.”

18. Face

“Face, and overall body type. I’m not super picky, but I don’t like slopey shoulders or big neck/shoulder muscles(whatever those are called). They make me uncomfortable.”

19. Traps, shoulder width, biceps, forearms, facial hair/jawline, height, and butt

“Traps, shoulder width, biceps, forearms, facial hair/jawline, height, and butt. I also consider body fat distribution. I don’t mind a guy who is on the high end of average, but I prefer even distribution, not all in the gut/breast.
Oh. Also chest hair :-)
Edit: teeth. Also doesn’t have to be perfect, most combinations of missing/off-white/crooked are permissible if you pick 2 of the 3.”

20. Thiiiiighs and butt

“Thiiiiighs and butts. Catch me staring, I don’t care.”

21. A good set of thighs

“Idk, forearms are great and all but I’m a sucker for a good set of thighs. That and a strong back and broad shoulders.”

22. The way he carries himself

“Depends, when I just look at a huge group of people from far, the first thing that I catch is the way a man carries himself. The way a man walks can be very attractive even from behind.

Also another thing I catch is if he has a certain glow, radiation, charisma.

From near view I think it’s mostly for me the whole package, but a guy can ruin it if he opens his mouth and speaks like a child/trying to hard to be hip… Meh, that would kill it.”

23. Beard & legs

“Beard & legs. I love beards – it’s almost a must. And there is nothing better than a nice, thick, muscled pair of hairy man legs (except the big ol’ dong swinging between them…)
Sorry, did I just get too vulgar? I really love men and their hot bods.
Also hands though. You can get an idea of the guy by his hands. My preference is dirty and rough. I like a man who’s hard on his hands. He probably fixes stuff and sweats a lot – really sexy.”

24. Mostly forearms or hands

“Mostly forearms or hands. More forearms though. If you are exercising and not wearing a shirt- back muscles get me going fs. but please, for us, roll your sleeves. We don’t get to have boobs turn us on just give us this one.”

25. I basically just study the face

“I look at facial features especially if I’m talking to them in person and don’t want to seem like I am actually checking the guy out, I basically just study the face like, ‘Oh he has a small scar on his forehead interesting.”

26. Hands and forearms

“Hands and forearms are what I check out on a guy. Then again I have a hand fetish, so checking out hands may mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.”

27. Their cocks

“Check out their cocks. And maybe their arms. They need arms big enough to lift me up so they can ram that cock in me.”

28. Collarbones and back muscles

“Collarbones and back muscles… mmmhhhh I love going swimming with male bodied friends because I am shameless and creepy.”

29. Hands

“Hands. Like if they have small girly hands then bye… But manly, manicured hands! Yes!”

30. Eyes, forearms, hands and neck

“Eyes, forearms, hands and neck.”

31. Posture, shoulders, forearms, eyes, hair, smile….Butt

“Posture, shoulders, forearms, eyes, hair, smile….Butt.”

32. The way they walk

“The way they walk. Long, confident strides catch my eye first. If they walk flat-footed, shuffling, slouchy, or gorilla-like I lose all interest immediately.

33. Ass

“Ass. And nice arms. Drummers have the best arms.”

34. Hair

“Hair. Bonus points if it’s long enough to run your fingers through.

35. Hands

“Your hands. In the first place, to look for a wedding/commitment ring. In the second place, because hands are fucking sexy. Then it’s hair/eyes/mouth/neck. Arms and biceps. But forearms especially. Chest.”

36. Face, and overall body type

“Face, and overall body type. I’m not super picky, but I don’t like slopey shoulders or big neck/shoulder muscles(whatever those are called). They make me uncomfortable.”

37. Jawline

“I’m a jawline girl. Sasha Grey makes me question my sexuality. Also forearms and hands are a turn on to me.”

38. Face, eyes, hands, feet

“Russian women short survey: Face, eyes, hands, feet. Japanese women short survey: general bodily outline, face, eyes, hands.”

39. Ass, eyes, shoulders, abs

“I like to look at the ass the eyes shoulders and abs. This is one of the reasons I am boring in bed. Love missionary because I can look at all of it. And forearms.”

40. Dimples

“Really depends, but I think dimples are super sexy, along with a nice smile. I prefer clean shaven to a beard. I also prefer tallish, I’m self conscious about being tall personally. I also love checking out a guys hands. Uncut fingernails gross me out. Also, too much body hair is not my thing either so I suppose non hairy. These all sound like personal preferences though. I don’t know… I don’t like ‘check out’ physical features the way men seem to do to women.”

41. Shoulders

“Shoulders!!! The broader, the better!…and ass…”

42. Neck and hands

“Neck and hands. If I can picture myself kissing his neck then I’m attracted to him. And i like hands that say. ‘I’ve done some manual work’ with clean and cut nails that say ‘I know how to clean up after work.’”

43. Thighs, hands, and nose

“Thighs, hands, and your nose.”

44. The look on your face

“The look on your face. Are you a miserable guy? Arrogant? Or confident? Cheery?”

45. Ass, hands, jawline, eyes

“Ass, hands, jawline, eyes it probably depends, but that’s generally what me and my friends tend to giggle about once the cute guy we just saw walks out of earshot.”

46. Smile

“If I were single: I’d say the first thing I notice is your smile. I don’t like gnarly teeth. The guy could be the hottest thing around and if he’s got yak-mouth it’s a total deal breaker.”

47. Eyes, hands, teeth, in that order

“Eyes, hands, teeth, in that order. Don’t know if it counts, but if it does: pants. I don’t mean pants as in what’s under/inside, I mean literally the pants themselves. Get out of here with that basketball shorts, baggy jeans bullshit. I like a nice pair of good-fitting jeans on a guy.”

48. Eyes, face, teeth, arms and package if their pants allow it

“Eyes, face, teeth, arms and package if their pants allow it.”

49. Beard

“Does he have a beard? If not, does he have the ability to adequately grow one?”

50. Eyes

“Eyes. I’m a sucker for the big brown ones.”

51. Teeth

“Teeth. I’m a sucker for well-maintained teeth.”

52. Forearms

“I mostly look at forearms (the more muscular the better) and butts. Nothin’ like a nice ass. Also, a sheer jawline is super sexy.”

53. Teeth, eyes, forearms, butts n bulges

“Teeth, eyes, forearms, butts n bulges.”

54. Man butts

“Man butts. Man butts. Men with good butts. Kind eyes. Cute lips. Strong, but lean arms. Tummies, even a little pooch is cute. Butts. Lots of butts.”

55. It’s really a whole-package kind of deal

“It’s really a whole-package kind of deal. Initially I probably look at overall body shape and shoulders (esp. width). Upper arms, hands, back, stomach (I prefer a bit more of a barrel-chest than the cut look, but both are nice on different guys)…Those little divots at the hips, and sometimes on the lower back just above the butt…Most guys I don’t care about the butt itself, but I like strong thighs. Hair/facial hair too, general tidiness/care spent on making themselves not look ratty. Rugged = good. Hobo = bad.”

56. Eyes and smile

“For me personally I check out their eyes and smile first then notice their body. I don’t like overly skinny guys but I don’t like overly buffed up guys either. A good butt on a guy is a bonus. I also like longer hair on guys.
I lucked out, my boyfriend has an amazing smile, great butt, nice body, and long hair. :P”

57. Height, face, hair, eyes, smile

“Height, face, hair, eyes, smile. The really hot ones I can’t even look at because it’s too much for my weak heart.”

58. Height

“Nobody said height? Or that’s so obvious that it doesn’t need to be mentioned?”

59. The 3 B’s

“The 3 B’s: butts bulges and biceps.”

60. In order? Ass. Then face, package, arms, hair

“In order? Ass. Then face, package, arms, hair. I just love plump asses, no matter who owns em.”

61. Arms, abs, hair, butt, face, clothes

“Arms, abs, hair, butt, face, clothes.”

62. Clavicle

“Clavicle. Just the natural slope from the neck to the shoulders. Love it. Just enough muscle, not overdoing it.”

63. Butts

“We check out butts, too. Also shoulders/pecs.”

64. Hair

“I don’t know why, but I always notice a man’s hair.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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