64 Girls Confess The First Thing They Check Out On A Guy

Flickr / coolly
Flickr / coolly
Found on AskReddit.

1. Your package

“Literally every girl checks out your package. You can usually see a bulge in the pants. We look. A lot.”

2. Crotches


3. I’ll check out your chest and package

“I’ll check out your chest and package. Secret for your arsenal: Gay men and (some) women love sweat pants (the nice kind not the scary off-brand garbage ones), work-out pants, and joggers because they show off a man’s bulge. Hell, sometimes we can see the outline of a shaft through those. We affectionately call them “dick pants” (because our basal nature takes over and we can’t be more creative than that).

4. Forearms

“Your forearms, especially if you’re carrying something like a heavy box but don’t just flex randomly like those guys on Instagram. That is such a turn off for me.

I also like your backs for some reason which is kind of perfect anyway because then you can’t see me checking you out, especially on the beach when guys are topless.

I feel like a creep now. Thank you.”

5. Broad shoulders

“Broad shoulders make me weak in the knees. And a man doesn’t even need to be ripped to have them. A bearlike man with an average body with broad shoulders – amazing. Slimmer guys can have great shoulders, too. It works for any body type, really. Universally sexy.”

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