25 Women Reveal The Most Extreme Thing They Ever Did To Force A Creepy Guy To Leave Them Alone

15. I had to take country roads to avoid him accidentally ‘bumping’ into me.

“We lived a town away from each other in a very rural area, so if I heard he was coming into (my) town from friends, I would call my friend who was old enough to drive and have her pick me up. Driving country roads was the only way he wouldn’t ‘bump’ into me. He would also stop by my house and when my parents told him that I wasn’t there, he would camp out in his car waiting for me to come home. I learned quickly that it usually took a couple of hours before he would give up and leave town. This happened a few times a week for a couple of months.”

16. I got involved in a death race with a trucker who was stalking me.

“Semi-recently, I was at a 24-hour restaurant by myself around 9 or 10 PM. It was the kind of place that had counters with barstools and free Wi-Fi, with a mix of locals and travelers. At one point I felt…watched…and I looked up to see a man staring and smiling at me. I thought maybe I had met him somewhere, so I gave a quick polite smile and re-submerged myself in Reddit and my cheap meal. An hour and a half later, my phone battery died and I paid up and left.

Well, he was there, in the parking lot, waiting for me, smiling and waving from his truck and motioning for me to come over. I was shocked and froze mid-step for a couple seconds, but then nervously shook my head no and turned away to unlock my car door. I heard the truck engine start saw the bright beams of headlights flash on behind me as I quickly hopped in my car—no fiddling with music playlists or air conditioning—and sped out of there. I thought I’d made it clear I wasn’t interested, but when I saw a truck speeding along just behind me, I switched lanes just in case (even then thinking I must be paranoid, there were plenty of truckers on the road that night, it probably wasn’t him). The truck also switched lanes, all the while getting closer. I frantically swerved back to the other lane. So did the truck. By this time he was right behind me, flashing his brights while smiling and jovially waving for me to pull over. He chased me all over the road through town until I turned at full speed without signaling or braking and skidded sideways down a side road, darted into a random driveway, turned off the car, and hid crying and shaking for half an hour until I was sure he was gone.”



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