21 People Reveal The Craziest Thing An Ex Ever Did To Them

12. She gave me a strong and clear reminder of why I was leaving her.

“I had lived with my ex for 3 years, we’d been engaged, it broke down and I moved into the spare room.

When it came time for me to move out (months later—I’d waited till she found a job because I’d been paying all the bills prior to that while she studied) my ex was away for a few days, so I packed my stuff and a friend with a car helped me move it. I’m only 5’3″ and he’s over 6 foot so it was a godsend because I just couldn’t carry a double mattress on my own, let alone get it down a flight of stairs.

My bed (that I owned) had been our bed, and I didn’t want to leave her with nowhere to sleep when she got back, so I took apart the bed in the spare room and rebuilt it in her room for her. I figured that would be a kind thing to do. I also cleared out all the crap that had been under the bed and Hoovered before I built the other one in its place.

She called me up bitching and raging because she’d found a condom wrapper (one of hers that I’d cleaned out from under the bed from who knows how many months earlier) in the bin. She had decided that what must have happened was that I’d built her a bed to sleep on specifically so that I could have the guy who kindly helped me move come and fuck me on it to spite her. She told all our friends this also.

I’m not, nor ever have been a spiteful person, and I don’t use sex as revenge. I was just trying to do something nice for her, but at least she gave me a strong and clear reminder of why I was leaving her and the friends that didn’t laugh at her craziness were clearly people I didn’t need anyway.”

13. She stole my flannel shirt, cut it into strips, and sent it to me.

“She stole a flannel I really liked and after weeks of getting her to admit it and finally agreeing to send it back, I receive a letter in the mail with strips of my shirt that she had cut off. Thinking about getting her in trouble with the university we both go to. I left a lot of details out but on top of theft and destruction of property, there’s been harassment and intimidation. They take that pretty seriously here.”


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