39 Things Men Will Just NEVER Understand About Being A Woman

16. The horrible parts of having a period that have nothing to do with bleeding

“The very act of bleeding while on your period is, in my opinion, one of the least unpleasant aspects of the entire ordeal. Try telling your male boss why you had to call off of work, because you’re doubled over in pain. Spilling over your favorite jeans. Being too tired to workout even though you want to. Being hornier than you thought possible but having your downstairs be an absolute axe murder scene. Ruining sheets and underwear.

17. We’re not always trying to lead you on

“Sometimes, we honestly aren’t trying to lead guys on. Like, I am mutual friends of two people in this kind of situation. The guy thinks the girl is trying to lead him on, because she likes to crack jokes on him and enjoys talking with him. Everyone knows she has a boyfriend, and I know perfectly well that she acts that way around almost everyone. She’s not trying to be a tease, it’s just her personality. But he and a few of his friends are convinced she’s trying to lead him on. I’m sure it’s happened to other girls, too.”

18. How debilitating periods can be

“How debilitating periods can be, I’m lucky that I get off pretty easy when it comes to periods. But I’ve had days where I physically couldn’t get out of bed because of hormonal migraines. I’ve had 7 days straight where I’ve woken up with a headache. I also get canker sores during my period which makes eating hard, even though I get really hungry. The worst is that every birth control has made my period unpredictable and made my symptoms worse, but I’d rather not have babies so yeah.”

19. During sex, you need to tell us how much you enjoy our bodies

“Telling us how much you’re enjoying our bodies during sex is a surefire way to have some of the best sex of your life. Men aren’t the only ones with ‘performance anxiety,’ especially with the ridiculous mass media portrayals of how women are in bed. We often overthink it and it makes us stiff (for lack of a better word). Tell us in your way how pleasured you are and watch Kali come out.”

20. We cannot smile all the time

“Smiling more. No, I cannot smile all the time, just because you think so. Yes, I have a ‘resting bitch face.’ No, it’s not a look of contempt. Resting is the keyword here. My face is taking a vacation.”

21. When people assume our husband calls all the shots

“As a normal, feminine woman who is married with kids, it is constantly assumed that I am some hapless housewife who is just taken care of by my husband. Well fuck all of you, I’m the one doing all the research, doing the taxes, getting us into real estate investing, etc. My husband and I make almost exactly the same salary. I was interested in purchasing a duplex in a neighborhood I don’t have much experience in, and I asked a friend to talk to another girl she knows who owns property somewhere. They said, and I quote, ‘have her husband call my husband.’ Not have me call the husband, or even ‘them,’ specifically have my husband call hers. My husband, who doesn’t have a clue about this stuff and us probably playing Pokémon right now. Right, that’s definitely the best option. All my rage.”



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