55 Little Gut Punches That Will Disrupt Your Afternoon

Instagram / Brian Oldham.
Instagram / Brian Oldham.

1. I found my diamond engagement ring

“Today, on the one-year anniversary of my boyfriend’s death, I decided it was time to clear his clothes out of our closet. In one of his coat pockets I found a diamond engagement ring and concert tickets to my favorite band dated the Saturday after he passed.”

2. My water broke at my husband’s funeral

“Today, my water broke at my husband’s funeral.”

3. Is it really my time to die?

“Today, I’m a neurosurgery candidate, going under the knife in 2 days. Last month I was a healthy 24-year-old female athlete. Today, signed a DNR, just in case I come out as a vegetable. Today, I had to make a living will. Is it really my time? In 48 hoursI’ll find out.”

4. Contemplating suicide is a luxury

“Today, it is ironic that on the same day I am contemplating suicide, my brother learns he has a tumor on his pancreas.”

5. We should have told her how we felt

“Today, I realized that if we all had told her how we felt BEFORE the funeral instead of AT the funeral, it’s possible there wouldn’t BE a funeral.”

6. The happiest girl in the office just killed herself

“Today, a girl who I see everyday at work, who’s always the most chipper person in the office, committed suicide.”


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