‘Do You Keep Your Socks On?’ And 26 Other Questions Virgins Ask About Sex

Flickr Denise Sebastian
Flickr Denise Sebastian
Found on AskReddit.


“What happens to your socks? Do you actually keep them on?”


“When you penetrate, can you move your penis left and right and diagonally or is it one accumulated mass of walls of flesh encompassing the penis?”


“What does a blowjob feel like? Is it a weird slimy cave closing in at all sides? Does it feel like an octopus tentacle? THIS IS THE KNOWLEDGE I NEED IN SCHOOL.”


“Is there a bad smell? Sometimes when I’m masturbating, I start to smell. Like around my ass, and other places that sweat.”


“Do you put the balls in as well?”


“How does consent work? Am I supposed to ask ‘do I have permission to put my penis in you?’”


“How does missionary work? When seeing porn it’s almost like they’re going up and down rather than in and out. How does that work? How are you supposed to move?”


“Are you supposed to completely shave your pubes or just kind of trim them with scissors? And how much really? (I’m a guy.)”


“If you’re getting a blowjob, do you tell the girl when you’re about to cum? Do you agree in advance where to bust it etc.?”


“I always wondered how much sex really changes you as a person. Everyone always talks about it like it’s the biggest event in your life, and when you come out of it afterwards, you’re a completely different person.”


“Ladies, how do you feel about foreskin? I’m uncut and glad I am, but most women are probably used to seeing cut penises. I feel like a woman might find it a tad bit weird. Also how the hell does having a foreskin work during sex and blowjobs.”


“Does the size of a man actually make any difference? I’m struggling to get a straight answer on this.”


“I have a small penis around 3 1/2 inches, and I was wondering how I can please a woman with the size of my junk? I don’t want girls to walk out on me or know that a girl is faking it just to pity me, thus making me feel shitty about myself, so any tips would be helpful.”


“If I’m a virgin do I still have to get tested? Does getting tested mean I have to get something put in my dick? I really don’t want anything in my dick.”


“What’s the risks of anal? How does anal even feel? How does it pleasure someone?”


“Why do a lot of people seem to complain about condoms? If you have less feeling you should be able to last longer, better for both of you, right?”


“Where is the fluid that females squirt? Is it even real? If so, what is it?”


“Oh, boy, do I have questions! Like, what EXACTLY are the procedures after sex? People seldom talk about it! What happens to the cum? I know girls sometimes walk awkwardly to the bathroom, I know you’re supposed to pee right after… Does sex always end with people leaving the bed (or WHEREVER) to deal with the mess they just made? There really isn’t that gleeful after sex nap after all? Do all quickies out of the house require condoms then?”


“Like, what does intercourse feel like? Does it feel good if a penis enters you? I masturbate and it’s hard to imagine coming without rubbing the clit.”


“What is the general pubic hair length? I know each person is different, but what is a safe length that no one will be offended by?”


“Is sex more pleasurable than masturbating?”


“As an uncircumcised male, are spontaneous BJs out of the question due to hygiene reasons? I can shower as often and thoroughly as I want, but as soon as I pee after leaving the house it seems like the window of opportunity is closed.”


“Why is it all my friends talk about? Is it really that big of a deal?”


“• What does cum taste like? Is it musky, disgusting?
• Is it better for a girl to be shaved down there? Because TBH, waxing hurts like hell and razor burn is real.
• How does a one-night stand work without it being awkward as hell?”


“How do you tackle the subject of being a virgin, especially when you’re older like me (27M)? It just seems like no one else is a virgin at this stage in life… How do women generally take this? How/when do you bring it up? Obviously I want to have sex, but I sometimes feel like no girl would want to ‘waste’ a hookup on a virgin, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to lie (by omission) by not telling her (since it’s likely that the experience for her might suck…). I dunno…”


“Why does the most natural part of life exclude me?”


“Is it normal if I come faster than 911 in white neighborhoods?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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